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Hitachi High-Tech in America

Hitachi Roll-to-Roll Wet Coating Equipment

State-of-the-art coating equipment with compact dryers optimized to coat battery's separators, electrodes, and highly-functional films


The Industrial Equipment Solutions (IES) Department of HTA supplies state-of-the-art coating machines with compact dryers. Our advanced technology offers optimal integrated solutions to various needs including battery's separators, electrodes, and highly functional films such as green sheet, optical film, non-ITO, FCCL, dry film, hard coating, anti-glare, coverlay, heat release film, ACF, DAF, PET, PSA, and LR.

Our innovative and user-friendly open top cover type coating machine affords easy threading of films with quick maintenance. In today's fast growing and advanced film industry, count on Hitachi for our expertise in developing various coating solutions.

Demonstration equipment is available for demonstration and customers' evaluation. Click and call for the details of demonstration equipment and coating evaluation.

Roll-to-Roll Coating Equipment:

  • Roll-to-roll wet coating equipment with slot die and gravure coating methods.
  • Two types of dryers are available (A: Compact type; B: Large chamber enclosed type).
  • High drying efficiency is achieved by using hot air and IR heaters installed inside the chambers.
  • Super-thin to thick film coating is available (10nm to 300µm).

A. New coating equipment
with a compact dryer

B. Conventional coating equipment
with a large chamber enclosed dryer


Comparison between compact and conventional coating equipment


1. Lower initial cost

  • Assembly cost can be reduced because of its smaller structure.

2. Improved productivity

  • Easy film threading, easy cleaning, quicker recovery from film breakage, and faster machine up-time
  • Faster heating and cooling in the chambers due to the compact design

3. Shorter installation time

  • Installation takes only 1 month saving the installation cost.

4. Lower construction cost

  • Extra-high ceiling facility is not requied because of the small machine size.

High efficient dryer

Fast drying with an IR heater in the chamber.

Slot Die Nozzle

  1. Coat both thin and thick films by using a slot die.
  2. Slit gap fine adjustment is available for thin film coating.
  3. Coating thickness uniformity:
    Thin film: < ±2.0% LiB: < ±1.5%
  4. Coats thin films with a closed-loop slot die.