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Hitachi High-Tech in America

Conductor Etch System 9000 Series

Next generation devices at 20nm and below require double-patterning, 3D (three-dimensional) structures, and complex, high-precision processes that include protective layer formation and finishing techniques for new materials. Hitachi High-Tech developed the 9000 Series to support these next-generation processes.


  1. The new HHT 9000 platform utilizes Hitachi’s proprietary low-contaminant, high-speed transfer system for high productivity.
    The linked common platform permits process flexibility and future expansion through its modular chamber design.
  2. Platform and user interface standardization will facilitate a smooth transition to 450-mm wafer sizes.
  3. The 9000 platform incorporates HHT’s new microwave ECR(Electron Cyclotron Resonance) plasma etching chamber that is proven in high volume manufacturing usage.


Applicable wafer diameter 300mm
System configuration 9 chambers (max.)
These photographs are partially different from actual systems.

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