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Hitachi High-Tech in China


Company Name Hitachi Instrument (Suzhou),Ltd.
Date when it joined Hitachi
High-Technologies Co., Ltd
1st October 2001
Headquarters Address No.137 Fangzhong Street Suzhou, P.R.C
Management Hanawa Masaaki
Capital 13,000,000 US$ (Paid-up Capital: 13,000,000 US$)


1997 October Established Hitachi Instrument (Suzhou), Ltd.
Capital 2,500,000 US$
(Investment:Hitach(China) Ltd. 2,000,000 US$, Hitachi Science Systems, Ltd. 500,000 US$)
1998 April Established Beijing Branch
2000 December 500,000 US$ Increased
(Investment:Former Nissei Sangyo 300,000 US$, Hitachi HIS Service Co.,Ltd 200,000 US$)
2001 October Change of General Manager.(New General Manager Yoichi Kobori)
2002 March Hitachi High-Tech Co.,Ltd got all investment of Hitachi(China) Ltd
2002 November Established Shanghai Office
2003 April 2,000,000 US$ Increased
2003 December Moved Suzhou Headquarter factory.
2004 May Change General Manager.(New General Manager Yoichi Kobori)
2006 April Capital Proportion changed to(Hitachi High-Tech Co., Ltd 100%)
China business changed to Hitachi High-Tech Shanghai ltd
2006 July Beijing Branch closed
2006 September Shanghai office closed
2008 April General Manager changed(new General Manager Kawasaki Katsuhiro)
2010 April General Manager Changed(new General Manager Yokobayashi Toshiaki)
2012 April General Manager Changed(new general manager Ohno Osamu)
2012 October Capital increased to 13,000,000 US$
2013 October Moved to No.137 Fangzhong Street Suzhou
2015 April General Manager has changed(the new General Manager is Mr. Kai Susumu)
2018 April General Manager has changed(the new General Manager is Mr.Hanawa Masaaki)
2019 April General Manager has changed(the new General Manager is Mr.Lin Anguo)

Business Scope

Finished products, parts, articles of consumption for measurement equipment, analysis
equipment, evaluation equipment; software design, manufacture, sale, and after-sale service

Member of the Board

Position Name
Chairman of the Board Hanawa Masaaki
Member of the Board Yamamoto Yosuke
Member of the Board & General Manager Lin Anguo
Member of Board Zhang Tao
Member of the Board of Supervisors Ogata Tatsuya

Department Organization List