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Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation

August 2020
Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation

Please accept our sincere gratitude for using Hitachi High-Tech Science (formerly SII NanoTechnology Inc.
(SIINT)) atomic force microscopes for a lengthy period of time.
While we make significant efforts to prolong the useful lifetime of our instruments and to ensure that customers get a good value for their purchase, increases in parts prices and the lack of availability for spare parts have now made it difficult for us to meet those needs.
Due to the aforementioned conditions, maintenance support and parts sales for the following scanning probe microscope models have already been terminated or will be terminated soon.
Please consider the purchase of a new, upgraded instrument from Hitachi.

  • * The AFM5000Ⅱ control station including a modern software package featuring an automatic and self-optimizing data acquisition for easier, faster, and more consistent collection of high-quality AFM images in combination with one of the following units: Details >
  • * The general-purpose small unit AFM5100N with an extraordinary wide range performance and the self-sensing detection system Details >
  • * The environment control unit AFM5300E with significantly improved sensitivity, accuracy, and resolution of electromagnetic property measurements operated under high-vacuum conditions Details >
  • * The mid-size stage unit AFM5500M equipped with a fully addressable 4-inch stage and automized cantilever exchange and laser alignment Details >

Contact your local sales team to inquire about a new system.

Future Termination Dates for Atomic Force Microscope Models

Modules Models Termination Date
Probe Stations

NanoNavi II December 2020

NanoNavi Real s
January 2022
Environment Control Units

E-Sweep April 2021

Past Termination Dates for Atomic Force Microscope Models

Modules Models Termination Date
Probe Stations

SPI3800N January 2014
SPI4000 January 2014
NanoNavi IIe March 2017
NanoNavi January 2018
NanoNavi IIs October 2019
General-purpose Small Units

SPA300 March 2013
SPA400 February 2019
Nanopics Series

Nanopics2100 March 2014
Environment Control Units

SPA300HV March 2013
Large Stage Units

SPA500 March 2013
L-trace January 2014

L-trace II March 2020