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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Ideas and Visions

It will be crucial to continuously provide creative and innovative values to customers and society in order to succeed against competitions in the global market while realizing sustainable growth. Hitachi High-Tech Group recognizes human resources responsible for providing value as one of the most invaluable management resources, and aims to foster reform-minded human resources who are able to create continuous innovation.

Action Targets

1. Promote diversity management

We enhance productivity and organizational strength by promoting reforms in working styles and increasing operational efficiency. In addition, by promoting female workplace participation and development and utilization of diverse human resources, we will secure and train talented human resources who have flexible ideas and advanced technical abilities and skills.

Specific Actions

Create an organization where diverse human resources can actively participate and thrive, thereby leading to innovation

  1. Further reforms in working styles
  2. Reform actions and mindset encouraging female workplace participation
  3. Train and utilize diverse human resources

2. Promote diverse cultivation of human resources

We will aim to train human resources to compete in the global market by expanding diverse education and training systems and continuing to carry out education and training.

Specific Actions

Continue to carry out diverse education and training to develop human resources

  1. Develop global human resources
  2. Maintain and improve the education system in order to develop human resources

3. Ensure healthy, safe workplace environments

We strive to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment by working on occupational safety and health with the highest priority on workplace safety and maintaining and promoting the health of each employee.

Specific Actions

Establish an accident-free workplace

  1. Eradicate accident risk through risk assessments
  2. Enhance mental healthcare
  3. Further promote health management

Action Plan

Details of Action Plan

FY2020 Initiative Results

1. Promote diversity management

Taking steps to create innovation by going further with work style reform, developing and utilizing diverse human resources, and so on

  • We took steps to foster a workplace climate and improve arrangements to enable all our employees to individually recognize each other's diversity and fully bring their own strengths to bear.
    • Implement training and education on diversity for board members and managers
    • Strengthen measures such as various training programs and meetings for female managers to promote the activities of female employees and raise their awareness
    • Focus on the happiness of every employee, promote "Active 20-20"* activities to reform the way we work, aiming to realize a Company where employees can work with vitality and enthusiasm
    • Implement initiatives to improve work-life balance, including the launch of the All-out Childcare Support Project, which aims to achieve 100% male childcare leave, and the release of Handbook on Management and Support for the Balance of Work and Caregiving (only Japanese)
    • Promote acceptance of diverse values through LGBT e-learning and unconscious bias e-learning
    • Promote employment of people with disabilities, the elderly, and foreign nationals, and create a comfortable working environment
  • * Active 20-20: Initiatives that aim to realize the Company growth by leveraging the diversity of individuals to allow each person to demonstrate his or her talents and actively participate
  • The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has selected Hitachi High-Tech for its New Diversity Management Selection 100, a list of enterprises that have linked their diversity promotion efforts to business results.

image:New Diversity Management Selection 100

  • We won the highest rating in "Eruboshi" certifcation by the Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
  • We received the top-ranking Gold Award in the PRIDE index that rates initiatives for LGBT and other aspects of sexual materiality.

image:top-ranking Gold Award in the PRIDE index

FY2020 results for Hitachi High-Tech

  • Ratio of women in managerial positions: 4.9%
  • Female board members: 0
  • New graduate recruits: ratio of women 24%, ratio of foreign nationals 14%

2. Promote diverse cultivation of human resourcest

Promotion of self-directed and global human resource development by implementing diverse education and training

  • We organize and systematically implement educational programs based on supporting the growth of self-directed human resources who learn, think, and act on their own as well as supporting the activities of diverse human resources. The following activities were carried out in FY2020.
    • Strengthen diversity management and line management skills by developing and launching a training program for managers to support individual growth and success
    • Expand the ease of access to training by fully shifting to online training management
    • We engaged in continuing challenges at National Skills Competition Japan held annually as well as at national Abilympics and WorldSkills Competition, and won numerous medals and awards.

image:National Skills Competition Japan winners
National Skills Competition Japan winners

  • We are implementing a program to assign young employees overseas to foster the early development of human resources capable of handling business with a global perspective. In FY2020, such dispatches were postponed due to the coronavirus disaster, but we held a debriefing session for the trainees who returned from overseas. In addition, one person from Hitachi High-Tech RUS LLC who had been accepted in Japan completed the dispatch period in FY2020 and returned to the Russian Federation. The employee is now continuing to work there and applying the results of the training received.
  • In FY2020, the percentage of employees who had overseas experience within seven years after joining the company was 63%.

3. Ensure healthy, safe workplace environments

Aiming to provide a safe, healthy working environment through systematic health and safety activities and health promotion policies and measures for each individual employee

  • In 2020, due to the coronavirus disaster, it became difficult to conduct the annual on-site safety checkups except for some business sites, so we implemented self-checking measures.
  • To rebuild a culture of safety, we conduct specialized safety training by job level to encourage top management, line managers, and safety personnel to recognize their respective roles and responsibilities.
  • In FY2020, there were three accidents (falls) resulting in loss of worktime. In addition to measures to prevent recurrence in the future by analyzing root causes, we are continuing to upgrade our measures for thoroughgoing safety management.
  • In FY2020, as part of our initiatives to manage the health of employees working from home, we conducted a survey on remote working and promoted awareness and implemented various online health consultation systems.
  • Regular stress checks of all employees were carried out so that employees could determine their own stress level and do something about it. This is linked with our efforts to upgrade mental health care for employees and strengthen their selfcare. In FY2020, there was a decrease in the number of employees taking leave due to mental health issues.
  • Hitachi High-Tech measures to grasp and address issues in the maintenance and promotion of employee health have been highly rated. We have been recognized as an organization "engaging in strategic health and productivity management program efforts for maintaining their employees' health from a management perspective." We were certified as a Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization in 2021 (large enterprise category) in our fourth consecutive year of recognition under the Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program. Within the Hitachi High-Tech Group, Hitachi High-Tech Nexus, Hitachi High-Tech Fielding, and Hitachi High-Tech Fine Systems received certification for the first time. Hitachi High-Tech Manufacturing & Service and Hitachi High-Tech Science received certifications for the second year in a row, bringing the total number of certified Group companies to six. Hitachi High-Tech Kyushu has also been certified in the small and medium-sized enterprise category.

image:Health and productivity