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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Ideas and Visions

It will be crucial to continuously provide creative and innovative values to customers and society in order to succeed against competitions in the global market while realizing sustainable growth. Hitachi High-Tech Group recognizes human resources responsible for providing value as one of the most invaluable management resources, and aims to foster reform-minded human resources who are able to create continuous innovation.

Action Targets

1. Promote diversity management

We enhance productivity and organizational strength by promoting reforms in working styles and increasing operational efficiency. In addition, by promoting female workplace participation and development and utilization of diverse human resources, we will secure and train talented human resources who have flexible ideas and advanced technical abilities and skills.

Specific Actions

Create an organization where diverse human resources can actively participate and thrive, thereby leading to innovation

  1. Further reforms in working styles
  2. Reform actions and mindset encouraging female workplace participation
  3. Train and utilize diverse human resources

2. Promote diverse cultivation of human resources

We will aim to train human resources to compete in the global market by expanding diverse education and training systems and continuing to carry out education and training.

Specific Actions

Continue to carry out diverse education and training to develop human resources

  1. Develop global human resources
  2. Maintain and improve the education system in order to develop human resources

3. Ensure healthy, safe workplace environments

We strive to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable working environment by working on occupational safety and health with the highest priority on workplace safety and maintaining and promoting the health of each employee.

Specific Actions

Establish an accident-free workplace

  1. Eradicate accident risk through risk assessments
  2. Enhance mental healthcare
  3. Further promote health management

Action Plan

Details of Action Plan