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The company was established in April 1947 as Hinode Shokai, a company directly affiliated with Hitachi, Ltd. It changed its name to Nissei Sangyo Co., Ltd. in October of the same year, and since then, has been growing as a trading company specializing in the advanced industries field, mainly selling laboratory and industrial instruments, as well as industrial equipment and materials. The company name was changed to Hitachi High-Technologies in 2001 as a result of the merger between Nissei Sangyo and the Instruments Group and Semiconductor Manufacturing Group of Hitachi, Ltd. Currently, the company is expanding its four business segments (Science & Medical Systems, Electronic Device Systems, Industrial Systems, and Advanced Industrial Products) globally.

Network26countries/regions* As of August 31, 2017

Global Network

Hitachi High-Tech is a global company with locations in 26 countries and regions. We procure components from around the world to meet the needs of our customers, and provide high value-added solutions by utilizing the personal connections, trade relationships, and know-how that we have developed at each location.

Global Networks

Number of group companies42companies* As of August 31, 2017

Domestic group companies (12 companies)

Domestic Group Companies

Overseas group companies (30 companies)

Net sales644.5billion yen* Results for the fiscal year
ended March 31, 2017

Total market value624.6billion yen* As of March 31, 2017

Trends of revenues over the last three years

Breakdown of revenues by division

Composition of revenues by region

Number of Employees10,317(consolidated)

* As of March 31, 2017

Non-consolidated employees3,811(non-consolidated)

Average age43 years of age

* Individual results for Hitachi High-Tech

Rate of return after leave of absence for childcare purposes100.0%* Individual results for Hitachi High-TechHours of overtime (averaged among labor union members)27 hours* Average of Hitachi High-Technologies union members in FY2016

Hitachi High-Tech's Diversity Management

In the global marketplace, in which the Hitachi High-Tech Group operates, the changes in the business environment surrounding companies have become even severer. It is crucial that we continue to provide creative and pioneering solutions to our customers and society through continuous innovation to succeed in the competition. The Hitachi High-Tech Group respects diverse sensibilities and values and is working to incorporate them as one of our major initiatives to achieve growth. Placing “diversity management” at the core of our management practices is essential to lead us to produce organizational dynamics.

Science classes in Japan8,007persons* Results for FY2016

Supporting Science Education

Loss of interest in science among children and students is a problem that is facing developed countries. It is a critical issue that leads to diffi culties for corporations in securing personnel to conduct R&D and to reduced international competitiveness as a nation. With our Basic Philosophy of “value creation through high-tech solutions,” we will contribute to professional development and the development of society by supporting science education, which leverages our technology and products including scientific instruments to the maximum extent possible.

Supporting Children’s Science Education Activities Using Electron Microscopes

We conduct activities to support science education, using tabletop electron microscopes that are manufactured and sold by Hitachi High-Tech. We support a range of educational events, such as special lessons for elementary and junior high schools as well as displays at science museums and exhibitions, with the aim of stimulating children’s interest in science and technology through the experience of observing familiar specimens on a microscopic scale. In Japan, we enabled approximately 8,007 children to experience the microscopic world in FY2016, mostly through special lessons conducted in Tokyo and Fukushima Prefecture.

Science Outreach Program

Silviculture Activities60 years

Yasato Forest

The Group encourages environmental business and environmental management based on the Hitachi Group’s Environmental Vision. On the one hand, we contribute to environmental conservation through our regular business, on the other we promote activities for global environmental conservation activities, such as the conservation of ecosystems in the local area through various activities by companies, as well as employees and their families. As part of these efforts, Hitachi High-Technologies rented an approximately 2.3-hectare national forest in Ishioka City, Ibaraki from the government under the Forestry Agency’s Corporate Forest Program. The company named the forest the Hitachi High-Tech Yasato Forest, and has been working on a 60-year program of silviculture activities since 2005. New employees as well as interested employees and their families participate in work such as weeding and pruning to facilitate the growth of trees. Going forward, the company will continue to develop the forest until young trees are fully grown and cut down, thereby contributing to the conservation of the global environment and the prevention of global warming.

Yasato Forest

Women's basketball clinic904persons* Results for FY2016

Interaction with local communities

The Cougars are a women’s basketball team from Hitachi High-Technologies. Their activities include nationwide basketball clinics, which provide an opportunity to learn how exciting the basketball is, as well as its rules and techniques, while simultaneously playing the game. The clinic is mainly aimed at elementary and junior high school students. Through these efforts, the Cougars actively encourage interactions with local communities, contributing to the development of sports in the communities. Moreover, as part of their support for people with disabilities, the team visits the IFC Ibaraki Welfare Factory every year to hold a social event.

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