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Procurement Policy


We place great importance on building good partnerships and maintaining relationships of mutual understanding and trust with all our suppliers.

Open-door policy

We adhere to the principle of free competition without discrimination between domestic and overseas suppliers, and willingly disclose information relating to items supplied.

Fulfilling our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The Hitachi Group has formulated a CSR Initiative Policy, and all Hitachi Group companies fulfill their corporate social responsibilities as directed by this policy. Our valued suppliers, who have committed to strong partnerships with us, are asked to acknowledge and agree to this policy and to fulfill their CSR on the same basis. All Hitachi Group suppliers are provided with a guidebook to help ensure that they share our attitude to CSR.

Furthermore, Hitachi High-Tech considers the adoption of the Hitachi Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook, which is issued by Hitachi Ltd., as a common standard for the evaluation of suppliers. The Hitachi Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook was created based on the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook. Hitachi High-Tech believes that, for the promotion of CSR activities, it is necessary for suppliers that conduct business activities along with us to share our awareness of corporate social responsibility, and that having them work with us leads to the achievement of mutual prosperity throughout the entire supply chain.

At present, in order to reform this program and establish it as a standard, we have requested CSR monitoring (self-sampling) using the Supply Chain CSR Deployment Guidebook with the cooperation of some suppliers. We initially plan to roll out the program domestically, followed by overseas.

  • CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA): JEITA is an industry association concerned with electronics technology, electronic devices and IT

Selecting our suppliers

We follow fair and reasonable procedures when selecting suppliers. We look at the quality, delivery timing and price of materials, and their capacity for technological development, but also give due consideration to fulfillment of CSR.

Disclosure of information and confidentiality

We engage with companies wishing to become suppliers in good faith and willingly provide them with necessary information. Any sensitive business information received from our suppliers is managed with the utmost care and we make every effort to preserve confidentiality.