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Items on our Procurement "Shopping List"

Hitachi High-Tech Corporation's in-house product divisions are looking for suppliers for the following items. If you have any information, please contact us using the contact form below.

Naka Manufacturing Division

Main product groups sought Main items on our "shopping list"
Electron microscopes High voltage cables (with housing), ceramic heaters, hermetic seals, high-voltage power sources (high stability), high-voltage resistors, vacuum pumps
Semiconductor measurement and inspection devices High-voltage power sources, multimeters, temperature sensors, low expansion ceramics
Biochemical autoanalyzers Barcode readers (CCD, hand-held 80-mm type), small vacuum pumps (magnetic pumps, air pumps), refrigeration technology, halogen lamps, piezoelectric elements, syringes
DNA sequencers and analyzers Ar lasers, lamps, fan motors, micro flow pumps, vacuum pumps, ceramic heaters, Peltier units, high-voltage power sources
General Resin moldings (large), precision machining (supplying small lots and short-lead time)

Kasado Design and Production Division

Item Features
Mini-environments FOUP-compatible wafer transport devices, load ports
Power sources RF power sources, DC power sources
Vacuum robots Robots capable of operating in vacuum environments used for wafer transport
Gate valves For sealing wafer transport inlets crossing between atmosphere and vacuum
MFC boxes Boxes incorporating integrated MFCs (including control wiring)
Distribution boards To control devices and supply power
PCs Device control PCs (a type the supplier can supply continuously, as far as possible)
Quartz, ceramics Precision machined parts (shapes: plate, column)
Machined parts Stainless steel and aluminum precision machined parts
Metal plates Stainless steel and aluminum machined parts (including fabricated plate work)
Power supply racks Racks for auxiliary device power sources and controllers