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Features of XRF Analyzers for RoHS and ELV applications

XRF Analyzers from  for compliance with RoHS and ELV

XRF Analyzers from Hitachi High-Tech Science for compliance with RoHS and ELV

Hitachi High-Tech Science offers XRF Analyzers best suited for inspections for compliance to RoHS, ELV and China RoHS , and safety inspection of toys and kitchenware. XRF analyzers capable of non-destructive and quick analysis are now widely used to inspect the content of substances restricted by environmental directives represented by RoHS, ELV and China RoHS.

XRF analyzers from Hitachi High-Tech Science pursuit the operationality, sensitivity and high resolution and best suited for inspections throughout the supply chain to support compliance to environmental directives.

Non-destructive Analysis

The Main feature of XRF analyzer is non-destructive analysis that does not require sample preparation. Hitachi High-Tech Science's XRF analyzer carries 430(W) x 320(D) x 200(H) sample chamber at maximum and it accommodates plastic molded items or laptop computers without breaking them up.

Large sample chamber of EA1200VX

No Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Required

Equipped with detector that does not require LN2, there is no need to worry about cost, safety, and supply. Especially, suitable for use in countries with difficulties to obtain LN2. (EA1000AIII, EA1000VX, EA1200VX)

Short Measurement Time

Hitachi High-Tech Science's XRF analyzers are highly sensitive, eradicating the image of conventional XRF analyzers. This high sensitivity enables speedy inspection of samples resulting in short measurement time.
The patent-holding precision control software increases the effectiveness even better.

Spectrum of Pb in electroless Ni plating
[Sample] Ni-P(Pb) 13µm/Al
[Condition] Measured area: 8.0mmφ, Measurement time: 100sec, 20sec, 10 Readings

User-friendly Interface

The precision control software dedicated for judging the content of hazardous substance supports operators with easy-to-understand visuals. Measurement result is shown with "OK" or "NG", and Excel formatted reports are created automatically. Even operators without special knowledge can fully utilize the instruments. As for language, English, Chinese (simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese) and Korean are supported in addition to Japanese and best suited for companies with factories all over the world

Measurement result for RoHS application
Measurement result for EN71 application
Report format

Auto-correction Function for Difficult Samples

Auto-correction Function enables stable measurement by correcting influence of sample shape and thickness, and influence of Cl in PVC measurement. Also, Built-in Peak Decomposition Software, so-called DPD, can deconvolute the spectrum and eliminate the influence of adjoining element.

Correction for PVC
When using the calibration method, measured value will greatly vary depending on the amount of chlorine in the sample.
Spectrum of Si (Li) detector
Built-in peak separation software
Hg 200 ppm spectrum in PVC that contains much Pb

Other Features

  • With sample changer, 12 samples can be measured automatically.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications from inspecting materials to general analysis. (EA1000AIII, EA1000VX, EA1200VX)

Harmony with Environment

  • Contribute to elimination of CO2 with its LN2 less detector.
  • Efficiency in measurement requires less electricity, resulting in energy saving.

* Hazardous Substance Judgment Software
With this software, operator first sets the value of allowable dispersion (error) and measurement ends when error is less than the set value. This reduces significantly unnecessary waiting time and results in effective measurement.

How the precision control software works
upper chart: conventional measurement
lower chart: precision control measurement

XRF Analyzers by Hitachi High-Tech Science for compliance with RoHS and ELV


Basic model for RoHS application. Requires no LN2, and standard equipped with Hazardous Substance Judgment Software


High throughput model for both RoHS and such general analysis as process and quality control of cement or slags, failure analysis of abnormal spot, and inspection of foreign matter.

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