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Low temperature (cryogenic samples) / Phosphorescence

Application Overview

Using low temperature accessory, fluorescence analysis may be performed down to liquid nitrogen temperature (-196 °C). Samples may then be measured for fine structures that do not appear at room temperature.

System for measurement of cryogenic samples

An example of measuring fluorescence spectra of a plasma panel display using a solid sample holder.


Fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra of benzene (the upper) Fluorescence measurement mode, (the lower) Phosphorescence measurement mode



  • Attachment device for low temperatures

The F-7100 can measure phosphorescence on the order of 1 ms. As an example of phosphorescence measurement, the fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra of benzene at liquid nitrogen temperature (using the low temperature accessory) are shown in the figure. Fluorescence and phosphorescence, both of which are included in the fluorescence spectrum, are indistinguishable from these data. Phosphorescence measurement data shows only the phosphorescence component by excluding the fluorescence component.

* Note: Phosphorescence measurement is not supported by F-2700.

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