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F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer applications in various field

Industrial Material Field

Measurement of fluorescent materials

Measurement of fluorescence quantum yield of solid sample

The Hitachi F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer with accessories allows for calculation of the fluorescence quantum yield of a solid sample from measurements.
The high-level basic functions of the F-7000, such as high sensitivity at S/N 800 or more and a dynamic range up to the sixth or higher orders, brings more power.

<Required system configuration>

  • F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrophotometer
  • Integrating sphere
  • Spectrum correction kit

* Integrating sphere is optional.

* For correction over 600 nm, the R928F Photomultiplier and a substandard light source are required.

<Measurement of fluorescence quantum yield of solid samples>

The quantum yield of tris 8-quinolinolato aluminum complex (Alq3) powder, an organic electroluminescence material, can be obtained from the spectrum (right figure) of a standard reflective material (aluminum oxide auxiliary white sheet).

* Quantum yield cannot be calculated on the same software.

Spectrum of Alq3 and reference reflective material
Spectrum of tris 8-quinolinolato aluminum complex (Alq3) powder and reference reflective material (aluminum oxide auxiliary white sheet)

Organic EL materia

In this example, the F-7000 was used to analyze the luminescent characteristic of trisaluminum complex powder used as a luminescent material for organic EL display.
A solid sample holder, its powder cell, the photomultiplier R928F, and the filter set were use.
Scan speed: 12,000 nm/min
Excitation slit: 5.0 nm
Emission slit: 5.0 nm
Photomultiplier voltage: 400 V
Response: Automatic
Spectrum correction: Activated
Beam-cut filter (UV-39) used Photomultiplier R928F used

3-D measurement function
3-D measurement function

The acquisition of these data was made possible by the three-dimensional measurement function and high-speed scanning capability of the F-7000.

Pharmaceutical Field

Phosphorescence measurement

Rare earth element complex (Eu chelate)

The example below shows the phosphorescence spectrum and lifetime measurement of the Eu(tta)3(TOPO)2 complex, a rare earth element.

Phosphorescence spectrum measurement
Phosphorescence spectrum measurement of Eu (tta)3(TOPO)2 complex

With the F-7000, the analysis of phosphorescence life of 1 ms order can be performed at room temperature without special accessories.

Phosphorescence life measurement
Phosphorescence life measurement of Eu(tta)3(TOPO)2 complex

Biological Field

Measurement of intermolecular actions

FRET (Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer) and BRET (Bioluminescence Resonance Energy Transfer)

The Model F-7000 can measure the intermolecular activities such as FRET and BRET.

Measurement of calcium in cell

Ca2+ concentration in cells

With the optional interacellular calcium measurement accessory, the F-7000 can measure fluorescence intensity values at two wavelengths in EGF-injected COS-7 cells (extracted from a monkey's kidney), and calculate the concentrations of Ca2+. The sample was a cultivated cell fluorescence-labeled by Fura2-AM. The change in Ca2+concentrations in the live cell was also measured. During this analysis, the EGF receptor appeared in the COS-7 as the Ca2+ level increased due to EGF injection.
The Model F-7000 can measure biological samples with higher sensitivity and speed.

Ca2+ concentration in cells

Environmental Field

Three-dimensional measurement


Environmental pollutants can be identified by comparison of three-dimensional fluorescence spectra.
The conventional three-dimensional measurement function has been made more sophisticated by F-7000, enabling high-speed and high-accuracy measurement.

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