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TM Series Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometers: AZtec Series

TM Series Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometers:  AZtec Series
Sample configuration in combination with a TM4000 series instrument

The AZtec series offers multiple EDS systems to choose from based on application and budget. High-performance detectors with an energy resolution of 129 eV (Mn-Ka) are available in all classes.

* :Example configuration of AZtec EDS in combination with a TM4000 Series SEM

* :Detector: Built-in type
(Made by Oxford Instruments (UK))


  • Live Spectrum Viewer with Automatically labelled peaks can be shown.(AZtecLiveOneXplore)
  • High-throughput analysis with high-precision pile-up correction function and TruQTM Technologies.
  • TruMap generates element maps that peak overlaps removed in real time.


  • Standard:AZtecOneXplore
  • LiveEDS function:AZtecLiveOneXplore
  • Multi-featured analysis instrument:AZtecLiveLite


Live EDS function

Live Spectrum View is available on the TM4000 User Interface to see the X-ray spectrum with Automatically labelled peaks. It allows you to confirm elemental information with secondary electron images and/or backscattered electron images, even while moving around your sample.

Live EDS spectrum


Mapping Image


TruMAP feature

High-precision and multifaceted TruMap function

  • The TruMap feature allows multi-element spectra to be properly separated and background-subtracted in real time, resulting in a precise elemental mappimg with no image contamination from overlapping peaks.
  • In the example shown on the right, data from Mg-K and As-L, whose peaks overlap in typical maps, are clearly resolved and free from signal overlap with the TruMap function.

AZtecLiveOneXplore : Standard feature
AZtecOneXplore : Option


Advanced Analysis Functions

The AZtecEnergy system offers advanced analytical functionality and flexible configurations with the ability to automate analyses via a motorized stage, enabling wide-area mapping and particle analysis.

Large-area mapping

The Mapping software automatically acquires data for multiple specified regions to produce a single combined set of mapping information.




AZtecOneXploreAZtecLiveOneXplore AZtecLiveLite
Detector type Silicon Drift Detector(SDD)
Detection area 30 ㎜2
Energy resolution 151 eV(Cu-Ka)
(equivalent to 129 eV with Mn-Ka)
Detection element B5~U92
TruMAP function Optional Standard
LiveEDS function - Live Spectirum Live Spectrum
Live Mapping
Live Image
Multi-featured analysis
- - AZtec Large AreaMapping
AZtec Feature

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