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Business Fields

With a solid foundation in
"observation, measurement and analysis,"
we are providing solutions focused on the issues customers face across the three segments of
Analytical & Medical Solutions, Nano-Technology Solutions and Industrial Solutions.

We leverage our
"observation, measurement and analysis (measurement & analysis technologies)," "Automation and Control Technology" and "Manufacturing Capabilities,"
with our "Capabilities for Global Sales & Business Finding"
to understand the issues in general markets faced by our customers, who are ever individualizing and advancing.
Furthermore, we provide Focused Solutions that target specific problems,
as we aim to become indispensable by creating and growing new leading businesses as we expand globally while creating
rare and specialized markets.

  • Corporate Vision (this describes the ideal vision of what we want to deliver to our customers)
  • Simplify our customers' high-tech processes
  • Mission (our mission and duty)
  • Our mission is to help our customers be fast-moving, successful, cutting-edge businesses.
  • Explanatory Phrase (strategies to achieve our corporate vision and mission)
  • Our observation, measurement and analysis systems
    maximize productivity while minimizing waste.
    Our processes, production systems, components and materials
    help our customers stay ahead of the curve.

Analytical & Medical Solutions

In the analytical systems and medical systems markets centered around our measurement and analytical technologies, we contribute to the development of science and society and to resolving issues for society and customers, by providing high-added-value solutions that take into account our customers' advanced needs. Furthermore, we are pro-actively engaged in research and development to grow and enhance our business and acquire cutting-edge core technologies through collaborative creation with universities, research institutions and leading companies in Japan and overseas.

・Medical/life sciences products

Core Technologies: Optical technology; sensor technology; fluid control technology; automation technology
Customers: University/manufacturer research institutions, corporate quality assurance divisions, hospitals, testing centers, etc.

Nano-Technology Solutions

We integrate and enhance electron-beam technologies to provide semiconductor integration solutions that address various customer needs, as the only manufacturer with devices that handle manufacturing, inspection and analysis. In addition, in the new materials and bio fields, we are developing solutions in the growing areas of batteries and drug development through collaborative creation with our partners.

・Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Core Technologies: Electron-beam technology, plasma technology, vacuum control technology, optical application technology, ion beam technology
Customers: Manufacturers of semiconductor materials, manufacturers of semiconductor devices, nano-material manufacturers, bio companies, etc.

Industrial Solutions

In the social and industrial infrastructure fields that support people and society, we aim to create high-added-value businesses that start with resolving customers' issues through operational technologies. In addition to our main businesses of inspection, testing, manufacturing equipment and IoT solutions, we continue to contribute to solving the issues facing manufacturers by leveraging our solutions business that utilizes digital technologies, and our global front-line personnel across the world.

・Manufacturing/inspection devices
・Solutions business in the field of advanced industrial manufacturing

Core Technologies: Autonomous distributed control technology, optical application technology, image processing technology
Customers: Rail/automobile/transport equipment manufacturers, parts/materials manufacturers, chemical plant manufacturers, etc.

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