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Hitachi High-Tech

Exhibition and demonstration of Tabletop Electron Microscope at "Japan-Korea Festival 2016 in Seoul"

COEX Exhibition Hall (Seoul)

At the Japan-Korea Festival 2016 in Seoul, we participated as operation and guidance staff at the public event held on October 2, 2016. This festival originated in 2005 as the "Japan-Korea Friendship Year" which is a 40th anniversary of normalization of Japan-Korea diplomatic relations. From 2009, both Tokyo and Seoul have held the festival. Japan held the festival on September 24th and 25th at Hibiya Park.

On the day of the festival, there were many booth and events from Japan-Korea companies and local government. About 60,000 people attended and there were many participants in our booth observing images from the TM3030 experiencing the discovery of an "unknown world of familiar things" of insects and daily necessity.

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