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2015/5/27 (Wed)
6/2 (Tue), 3 (Wed)
"Kawamata Municipal Kawamata ES,
Iizuka ES, Yammakiya ES" Science classes using Tabletop Electron Microscope(TM3030) (support for affected areas)
2015/6/11 (Thu)
Mita Middle School, Minato-ku
Science classes using electron microscopes
2015/6/27 (Sat)
Ehime Prefectural Education Center
Seeing the Unseeable
2015/7/3 (Fri)
Hanazono Elementary School, Shinjuku-ku
Social contribution for science education support for the local area
2015/7/18 (Sat)
Nagoya Municipal Umemorizaka ES
Science classes using electron microscopes
2015/7/23 (Thu)
JAIMA Summer School
2015/7/25 (Sat) to 26 (Sun)
Science Museum
Youngster's Science Festival National Fair
2015/8/6 (Thu)
Tokyo SL
Science and Mathematics Training (Niigata Prefectural Nagaoka High School [SSH])
2015/8/8 (Sat) to 9 (Sun)
Sayo-cho Konchukan
“Let's Look at Bugs with a Scanning Electron Microscope!” Summer Event
2015/8/19 (Wed)
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
Real Lab Miraikan
2015/8/22 (Sat)
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting
“Science Kids” public recording
2015/8/25 (Tue)
(Naka) Plant tour for individual shareholders
2015/8/29 (Sat)
RIKEN (Yokohama)
RIKEN Yokohama, Yokohama City University Open Day
2015/10/13 (Tue)
to 12/24 (Thu)
7 elementary schools in Nerima-ku
Special program for science and mathematics teaching
2015/10/17 (Sat)
Iwanuma ES
“I Love Science” festival (in collaboration with HHS)
2015/10/26 (Mon) to 31 (Sat)
Sheldon High School
2015/11/7 (Sat), 8 (Sun)
Saitama Museum of Rivers
Let Use a Scanning Electron Microscope!
2015/11/9 (Mon) to 16 (Mon)
Tracy High School
2015/11/16 (Mon) to 25 (Wed)
Ohlone College Newark Center
2015/11/22 (Sun)
Yasuda Gakuen Middle/High School
Federation of Tokyo Biology Clubs Laboratory training course
2015/12/23 (Wed)
to 2016/1/11 (Mon)
Hamagin Space Science Center
Microscopes Exhibit: Seeing the Small Look Big


2016/1/2 (Sat) to 8 (Fri)
Fremont Christian High School
2016/1/11 (Mon) to 14 (Thu)
South San Francisco High School
2016/1/16 (Sat) to 25 (Mon)
Tracy High School
2016/1/28 (Thu) to 2/5 (Fri)
Rio Americano High School
2016/2/5 (Fri) to 12 (Fri)
Sheldon High School
2016/2/7 (Sun)
Science Museum
"Hitachi Science Seminar“Observing with an Electron Microscope!”" 20 elementary/middle school children
2016/2/15 (Mon) to 19 (Fri)
Tracy High School
2016/2/20 (Sat)
Norcal Science & Technology Festival
2016/2/22 (Mon) to 26 (Fri)
The Girls Middle School
2016/2/27 (Sat)
Omuta City Residents Multipurpose Exchange Facility “Eruru"
Minna-no-Manabi-sha, Open University Lectures: Entrepreneur lecturer 50 people
2016/3/13 (Sun) to 18 (Fri)
Presidio Middle School
2016/3/20 (Sun)
Saitama Museum of Rivers
Special Exhibit: “What Pollen Can Teach Us”
2016/3/23 (Wed)
to 3/27 (Sun)
Science Museum
73rd All-Japan School Children's Discovery and Invention Fair elementary and middle school students
2016/4/4 (Mon) to 14 (Thu)
North Penn High School Engineering Academy
2016/4/4 (Mon) to 9 (Sat)
Sheldon High School
2016/4/4 (Mon) to 8 (Fri)
Ohlone College Newark Center
2016/4/8 (Fri)
Oliveira Elementary School
2016/4/11 (Mon) to 22 (Fri)
Merritt College
2016/4/23 (Sat)
Reedly College STEM
2016/4/28 (Sat)
Take Your Child to Work Day
2016/5/8 (Sun)
Japan Day in Central Park
2016/5/13 (Fri)
Davis High School
2016/5/16 (Mon)
Harbor High School
2016/5/21 (Sat)
Very Special Innovation Fair STEM3 Academy
2016/5/24(Tue) to 25(Wed)
Social contributions and science education support for affected areas
2016/6/10 (Fri) to 17 (Fri)
Discovery Charter School
2016/6/20 (Mon) to 30 (Thu)
Ohlone College Newark Center
2016/6/13 (Thu) to 15 (Sat)
A science class was delivered at Tokyo Metropolitan Eifuku school
2016/7/22 (Fri)
The Tabletop Electron Microscope was delivered for the "JAIMA Summer Science School"
2016/7/23 (Sat)
A science class and basketball clinic were delivered at Umemorizaka Elementary school in Nagoya
2016/8/18 (Thu) to 19 (Fri)
A science class was delivered at Tekyo Heisei University
2016/8/27 (Sat)
"Science Kids" public recording
2016/9/10 (Sat)
"Experience Microscopes! The Living Micro-World" at RIKEN Yokohama campus
2016/9/14 (Wed)
A science class was delivered at Aosuge Elementary School
Davis High School
Nagaoka University of Technology
Harvey School
Exhibition and demonstration of Tabletop Electron Microscope at "Japan-Korea Festival 2016 in Seoul"
ASU Prep High School, Polytechnic
Science Class Presentation
ASU Preparatory Academy Elementary School
Ohlone College Biotechnology
Girls Scouts; "When I Grow Up"


Carry out the class for the teachers of the local junior high school in Taiwan
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Science outreaches in capital Kiev, Ukraine
Ibaraki University in Hitachi Campus
Visit and Classroom Session at Aso Gakuen Elementary School, Fukuoka Prefecture
Visit and Classroom Session at Matama Middle School, Oita Prefecture, in Collaboration with Nearby Elementary Schools
Visit and Class Session Held at Yulcheon High School in Korea
Electron Microscope Booth at the Youth Science Festival 2017
Collaboration in Sponsoring a Microscope Experience Booth at RIKEN Yokohama Campus
Exhibiting the Miniscope Tabletop Microscope at the "Japan-Korea Exchange Festival 2017 in Seoul"Carrying out demonstrations
Actively Supporting Science Education at Iwanuma city's "I Love Science Festival"
Delivering lessons (15 lessons total) using tabletop electron microscopes at Japanese schools in Shanghai, Dalian, and Shenzhen
Delivering lessons using tabletop electron microscopes at The Japanese School Singapore
Hitachi High-Tech RUS holds an electron microscopy event using a tabletop microscope for junior high school students in Moscow
Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan Corporation holds STEM education activities at National Experimental High School At Hsinchu Science Park and Taipei Japanese School
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