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Hitachi High-Tech

First Science Education Support for Local Elementary School in Taiwan

Miaoli Shan-Jia Elementary School, Taiwan
18th December 2020

During 2020 Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan put great efforts into forwarding social contribution activities. On December 18th, 2020 four outreach classes using the tabletop electron microscope were held at Miaoli Shan-Jia Elementary School for a total of 120 pupils. These lessons were the first time that Hitachi High-Tech Taiwan has carried out lessons at local Taiwanese elementary schools.

In these lessons not only did the classes examine samples prepared by the company, but also the class observed various rock samples after their teacher gave a talk on the differences in structure and composition of volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The pupils were extremely curious about the hidden world of rocks which the microscope revealed and actively asked questions, listening intently to the difficult explanations.

The Science Lesson at Miaoli Shan-Jia Elementary School
The Science Lesson at Miaoli Shan-Jia Elementary School

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