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ASU Prep High School, Polytechnic

ASU Prep High School, Polytechnic

On October 19th to 21rd, the Tabletop Electron Microscope (TM3030) was installed in a classroom at Arizona State University Preparatory Academy high school program.
The students were astonished by the detail of the samples under the microscope. For their first experience, the science teacher set up the microscope to have a high magnification (×1.2K) on the star sand. As students were observing the screen, the magnification was slowly decreased all the way to about ×40. The students were amazed and wanted to know how the microscope could get that much detail and they wanted to view more samples.
At the science classes all used the TM3030 as they were learning about various topics. The AS Level Biology class was learning about different types of microscopes and how to measure specimens with scales and other tools. The students were able to see how a scanning electron microscope works for the first time in person, which made a lasting impact on their understanding.
The IGCSE Biology and A Level Biology courses were learning about various topics at the microscope level. The TM3030 was used to help students see that there is a hidden world in biology that we cannot see with our naked eyes. It helped students grasp the perspective of various microscope structures.
The Life Science Capstone classes learned how the scanning electron microscope works and then conducted research into uses and career fields directly and indirectly affected by electron microscopes.

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