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ASU Preparatory Academy Elementary School

ASU Preparatory Academy Elementary School

The Tabletop Electron Microscope (TM3030) was at the ASU Preparatory Academy Elementary school in October 24th to 28th, which gave the school’s 400 students a unique opportunity to view the nanoworld.
ASU Prep’s students were able to experience using the TM3030 in their STEM classes. Kinder-4th grade students used the TM3030, which is capable of seeing details at 30,000 times greater than the human eye, to observe the surface of a penny, while 5th and 6th grade students views a prepared sample of a scorpion. 7th and 8th grade students were able to view DNA bundles that they had extracted from a strawberry the previous week. 7th and 8th grade classes were also able to prepare their own specimens for observation.

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