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Supporting Science Education at Iwanuma's "I Love Science Festival"

Iwanuma-Minami Elementary School, Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture

On Saturday October 13, 2018, we continued our efforts to support science education for elementary and junior-high-school students at the 8th "I Love Science Festival," held at Iwanuma-Minami Elementary School in Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture.
This science event is organized by Iwanuma City and features interactive science booths erected by businesses and schools, as well as a science show and research awards ceremony for pupils from local schools.

Hitachi's Bunya Tadano, creator of the electron microscope, was born in Iwanuma, and has participated in the event along with Tohoku Branch Office employees since its first iteration eight years ago, when it was held in connection with the reconstruction efforts carried out on Hitachi factories following the devastating Tohoku earthquake.

We exhibited a booth where visitors could try out the "rocket leaf"— an environmental toy made from timber from forest thinning, and inspired by the movement of seeds flying in the wind. We explained to the children how to make and play with them, and they enjoyed trying it out. The rocket leaf has proved very popular every year, and this year we used up almost all 150 of the ones we prepared.

At Hitachi High-Tech, we highly anticipate the appearance of future company talent in the mold of Mr. Bunya Tadano, and to this end we will continue to support science education activities.

Learning how to make and play with rocket leaves
Learning how to make and play with rocket leaves

Finished rocket leaves are ready to fly
Finished rocket leaves are ready to fly

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