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Science Workshop – A Collaboration with Aichi Prefecture

Okazaki Municipal Shonan Junior High-School, Nagoya Municipal Shioji Junior High-School and Okazaki Municipal Aoi Junior High-School, Aichi Prefecture
November – December 2020, February 2021

The Science Workshop, a collaboration with Aichi prefectural government entered its 3rd year in 2020. Despite this being the year that COVID-19 hit, Hitachi High-Tech Chubu Office were able to provide 15 science classes for a total of 525 pupils at three municipal junior high-schools (Okazaki Municipal Shonan, Nagoya Municipal Shioji and Okazaki Municipal Aoi) in Aichi.

Each class opened with an introduction to the company and its history, followed by a presentation on the structure and characteristics of the electron microscope and an explanation about technology which imitates nature. In the latter half of the lesson an experiment was held using face masks which have become so prominent in society lately. Pupils were able to control the electron microscope directly and observe four types of masks (Gauze, non-woven fabric, polyurethane and “hot-weather masks”) were observed and compared in their brand-new states and after washing. Not only were pupils able to see a high-tech piece of equipment that they would not normally be given the chance to see, but they were also able to control it directly, which raised their interest considerably. Highly positive feedback was received on what a valuable experience this had been.

A lot of constructive feedback was received from surveys, and during FY2021, efforts will be made to increase the amount of time that students are able to directly interact with the electron microscope and to enrich the lesson content.

The program is now in its 4th year, and in March 2021 the social contribution efforts for Aichi prefecture were recognized and Hitachi High-Tech Chubu Branch Office was presented with a letter of appreciation from the prefectural governor. Going forwards, Hitachi High-Tech will continue to strive to provide high-quality science education in the Chubu region.

Being presented with a Letter of Appreciation from Aichi Prefectural Governor
Being presented with a Letter of Appreciation from Aichi Prefectural Governor

Photo shoot after receiving Letter of Appreciation
Photo shoot after receiving Letter of Appreciation

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