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Hitachi High-Tech

Ibaraki University in Hitachi Campus

Ibaraki, Japan

June 11th, we carried out machine experience booth using the tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" in a school festival (Kogaku festival) held in Ibaraki University Hitachi campus. In the event, we showed each branches' introduction video of Hitachi, Ltd. as the cosponsorship with the local Hitachi, Ltd. Electricity business unit.

The participants were approximately 30 people including students of local schools and alumni of Hitachi, Ltd. During the experience of "the world that the thing which you knew did not know", they observed samples such as sugar, salt, ants and human hair.

There was the child who learned a point of the operation immediately, and pushed forward observation by oneself smoothly.

Participant observed an ant
(Participant observed an ant)

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