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Science outreaches in capital Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev, Ukraine

On May 25th to 26th, we carried out science outreaches using the tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" at the 78th elementary and junior high school, The National Technical University of Ukraine “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”. Year 2017 is the 25th anniversary year of the Japan and the Ukrainian diplomacy establishment. These outreaches were held as part of "Japan year in Ukraine" when various interchange projects and culture events are taken place.

On 25th we observed samples for member of the biology club of the 78th elementary and junior high school. The students viewed poplar cotton wool, ants, parsley and dill which were gathered in the city, and they showed strong interest and listened to the lecture eagerly.

We also demonstrated "TM3030" for teachers and students of the "Kiev Polytechnic Institute". During the demonstration, specialized questions such as electron microscope function and performance were given by the attendants. Moreover we received an observation request of a sample in conjunction with the specialized field of an attendant.

children and microscope
(children and microscope)

University class scenery
(University class scenery)

On 26th at the event meeting place, elementary school students with their parents and business people observed various samples in a quiz style class and experienced the micro-world. We obtained a comment, "Children were really excited that they observed the minute surface structure such as a model unlike the observation image of the optical microscope.".

elementary and junior high school scenery
(elementary and junior high school scenery)

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