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Outreach Science classes for Special Needs Schools

Tokyo Metropolitan Eifuku School,Tokyo

HSP, with support from HHT Corporate Communications Department held a science class for Tokyo Metropolitan Eifuku School using the Hitachi TM4000Plus II table-top microscope on Wednesday, June 8.

As a special subsidiary of the Hitachi High-Tech Group, Hitachi High-Tech Support makes efforts to support the employment of persons with disabilities. This initiative for special-needs schools, which are the source of such employees, has been conducted annually since 2016. On June 8th, Science classes involving remote use of a tabletop microscope were held for a hundred students from the Tokyo Metropolitan Eifuku Gakuen school.

The class was conducted in a quiz format, facilitated by actual graduates of the school who are now employees of the Hitachi High-Tech Group. At the end of the class, the facilitators offered advice to the students, which gave the students the inspiring opportunity to see graduates of their school playing active roles in a company.

Feedback from students included comments such as, “It was interesting!” “I hope you come back next year!” and “You’re amazing, senpai!” Teachers as well gave favorable comments such as, “The students worked hard to write down valuable advice in their notebooks. The dependable facilitators were a source of admiration and provided great role models for our student's further growth.”

Going forward, Hitachi High-Tech Support will continue working on such initiative in order to deepen relationships with our stakeholders.

Student's working hard to win the quiz!
Student's working hard to win the quiz!

Examining samples in the microscope
Examining samples in the microscope

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