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Tohoku University, a Qatari science campus (Miyagi)

We carried out an event for children using the tabletop electron microscope "TM3030" in Tohoku University, QATAR SCIENCE CAMPUS. Tohoku University hosted the event, and we worked, and the member of the CSR and Corporate Communications Dept. performed a lecturer titled "observation with the electron microscope - the thing which I knew did not know".
The participants were 28 elementary school students (3 to 6 grade) of the neighborhood.
Participant brought samples which they wanted to look in TM3030 at this event. Algae, dust, a salted sea tangle, a cover of the yogurt, a lot of samples which seem to be interesting including DNA of the banana.

DNA from Banana
(DNA from Banana)

And we had the student assistant from Tohoku University and, they help participants set the sample on the sample level.

Student assistant help participants to make sample level
(Student assistant help participants to make sample level)

Participants operated an electron microscope by oneself, and they observed own sample. We used the big monitor of the conference room and looked in all the members including a visitor. Participants are surprised and had fun to observe the micro-figure which had not looked at the structure of a cell and the thing of the plant.

We were overwhelmed by the huge monitor!!
(We were overwhelmed by the huge monitor!!)

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