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Actively Supporting Science Education at Iwanuma city's "I Love Science Festival"

Iwanumanishi Elementary School, Iwanuma (Miyagi prefecture)

On October 14, the Tohoku Branch Office made efforts to actively support science education for elementary, junior high and high school students at the 7th "I Love Science Festival," held at Iwanumanishi Elementary School in Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture.
The event, first held 7 years ago, is sponsored by the Iwanuma city council.Interactive science booths were erected by firms and schools alike, while activities such as a science show and research award ceremony for elementary and junior high school students were carried out.
Hitachi's Bunya Tadano, creator of the electron microscope, was born in Iwanuma, and has participated in the event along with Tohoku Branch employees since its first iteration, held in connection with the reconstruction efforts carried out on Hitachi factories following the devastating Tohoku earthquake.

On the day, more than 120 children were introduced to the concept of plants spreading their seeds across a wide range for preservation, using images of dandelion seeds and horsetail spores captured through electron microscopes. This was followed by a hands-on experiment in which a maple leaf-shaped rocket was built and subsequently launched in order to actually spread seeds The event proved a great opportunity to expand HHT's presence by offering a fun and meaningful experience to the participants. One volunteer was dispatched from the Management Division to help the Tohoku Branch Office plan and organize these CSR activities. We will continue to steadily promote such activities.

The "Rocket Leaf"

An educational toy built out of thinned wood, sold by Sarugakyo Elementary School Sports Academy. HHT has been involved in its manufacture and sale since 2014 as a part of its science education support activities. There are four ways in which Rocket Leaf contributes positively to society: (1) Utilization of timber from thinned woods to protect forests in Japan; (2) Helping the livelihood of people with disabilities; (3) A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Green Climate Fund; (4) Providing environmental education for children.

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