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Ohlone College Biotechnology

Ohlone College

On October 31st to November 4th, the Tabletop Electron Microscope (TM3030) was installed into one of the Biotechnology Instructional Laboratories in Ohlone College (California).
During this semester, TM3030 was used slightly differently in each of Biology class. In Environmental Biology class used the TM3030 to view specimens collected from the local environment. Giving students a new window on the diverse organisms living right here on campus. The Environmental Biology class used the TM3030 to observe lichen, insects, spiders, and flowers.
The Biotechnology class is comparing the images and date that can be obtained from a SEM vs. a compound light microscope vs. a stereo microscope. The Biotechnology class viewed liverworts, mosses, hair, banana fibers, dried yeast, kimwipes, flowers, and one student analyzed a special kind of laboratory glove coasted with Sericin, a silk protein, and looked at silk cocoons.

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