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Role of FIB and TEM in Organo-Halide Perovskite Solar Cell Observations

Tae Woong Kim*
Ph.D. Assistant Professor Department of Energy Material Science College of Science and Technology Konkuk University
*corresponding author

Satoshi Uchida
Ph.D. (Engineering) Project Professor Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology The University of Tokyo

Visualizing Nanoscale Distribution of Local Corrosion Cells by Open-Loop Electric Potential Microscopy

Takeshi Fukuma
Professor, Doctor of Engineering Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Kanazawa University

Fabrication of nickel barcode nanowire and characterization by SU9000 scanning electron microscope

Tsuyohiko Fujigaya
Ph.D. in Engineering Associate Professor Faculty of Engineering Kyushu University

Crystal defect evaluation of silicon carbide (SiC) using an electron microscope

Toshiyuki Isshiki
Kyoto Institute of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Professor

Understanding Surface Properties of Solid Oxide Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Conversion Devices through Ion Beam Analysis

Helena Téllez Lozano
International Institute for Carbon Neutral Energy Research (wpi-I2CNER), Kyushu University

Collaborating authors:
John Druce
Tatsumi Ishihara
John A. Kilner

Atomization Mechanism of Boron in Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
- Improvement of analytical performance by Fe modifier and its role -

Yuhei Yamamoto
Assistant Professor Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences Tokushima University

Temperature Wave Analysis

Toshimasa Hashimoto
President, ai-Phase Co., Ltd. Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

ZONE II for SEM: Tabletop Specimen Cleaner

Masako Nishimura
Rie Nakajima
Shinichi Hasegawa
Takeshi Sunaoshi

High-sensitivity EDX analysis using QUANTAX FlatQUAD (EDX) with SU8200 Series Instruments

Toshiya Watanabe
(Hitachi High-Tech, Applications Development Dept., Tokyo Solutions Group)

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