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Life science

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Dr. Toshiaki Furuta (Professor, Faculty of Science, Department of Biomolecular Science Toho University)
Spectroscopic analysis
Mass spectrometry

Dr. Toshiaki Furuta (Professor, Faculty of Science, Department of Biomolecular Science Toho University)

Product name: High-Performance Liquid Chromatograph Chromaster® 5610 MS Detector


Beyond Natural Antibodies?
– Novel Synthetic Antibodies Emerging from Molecular Imprinting –

Toshifumi Takeuchi
Ph.D. Professor Department of Chemical Science and Engineering Graduate School of Engineering Kobe University

New Platform for Protein-Protein Interaction-Based Affinity Reactions: Spongy Monolith Stationary Phases for Affinity Chromatography

Koji Otsuka
Ph.D. (Engineering) Professor Department of Material Chemistry Graduate School of Engineering Kyoto University

Observation of Solution Samples by Transmission Electron Microscope

Yuki Kimura
PhD (science) Associate Professor Institute of Low-Temperature Science Hokkaido University

Examination of the light microscopic slide of renal biopsy specimens by utilizing Low-vacuum scanning electron microscope

Nobuaki Yamanaka
MD, PhD Director: Tokyo Kidney Research Institute Professor emeritus of Nippon Medical School

Serial-section scanning electron microscopy

Daisuke Koga
Ph.D. Associate Professor of Department of Microscopic Anatomy and Cell Biology Asahikawa Medical University

Contemporary Condition and a Subject in Future of Human Noroviruses

Etsuko Utagawa
PhD (Med) Visiting Researcher, National Institute of Infectious Diseases

The Hybrid Analysis of Microbial Secondary Metabolites with LC-DAD-MSD and Fluorescence Fingerprint Measurements

Ryuji Uchida
Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Sciences) Professor Department of Natural Product Chemistry Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University

Application of Fluorescence Fingerprint Measurement with the F-7100 to Natural Products Research

Takashi Fukuda
Ph.D. Agriculture Associate Professor, Course of Fishery Utilization, Department of Fisheries, Faculty of Agriculture Kindai University

ZONE II for SEM: Tabletop Specimen Cleaner

Masako Nishimura
Rie Nakajima
Shinichi Hasegawa
Takeshi Sunaoshi

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