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High-Performance Fluorescent X-ray (XRF) Coating Thickness Gauge FT150 Series

The FT150 is a high-end fluorescent X-ray coating thickness gauge equipped with the polycapillary X-ray focusing optics and Vortex® silicon drift detector. The improved X-ray detection efficiency enables high-throughput and high-precision measurement. Furthermore, new design to secure wide space around sample position gives excellent operability.


High precision measurement at micro spots

Improved Sensitivity(Spectrum image of Au)

The FT150, having a irradiation spot size of 30µm (FWHM:17µm), achieved a fluorescent X-ray intensity twice that of the conventional instrument, FT9500X. For typical application, measurement time to obtain same precision is reduced by half.

Product lineup for various applications

Select the instrument suitable for your samples.

  • F150:For measuring an ultra thin film and micro spots of electronic components.
  • F150L:For measuring a large printed circuit boards of 600mm x 600mm.
  • F150h:For simultaneous measurement Sn/Ni coating.

Safe and easy to use

The newly designed door with a wide opening let you set the sample very easily. The closed housing minimizes the risk of X-ray leakage.

Enhanced visibility of measurement spots

A large observation window and optimized parts arrangement improved visibility of the measurement position while the chamber door is closed.

Clear sample image

The higher-resolution sample observation camera with a fully digital zoom provides the clear image of the sample having several tens of micrometers in diameter at a desired observation position. Lighting unit for sample observation uses LED which has an extremely long lifetime.

New graphical user interfaces

  • Measurement methods and samples an application icon. Any image such as a sample picture and an illustration of the multilayer can be used for icon image. Measurement recipie can be selected quickly and easily.
  • Measurement Navi Window guides user through operation procedures.


Elements Atomic No. 13(Al) to 92(U)
X-ray source Tube voltage: 45kV
Mo target W target Mo target
Detector SDD detector (No LN2 required)
X-ray focusing optics system Polycapillary
Sample observation CCD camera(1 million pixels)
Focus adjustment Laser focus, auto focus
Maximum sample size 400(W)×300(D)×100(H) mm 400(W)×300(D)×100(H) mm 600(W)×600(D)×20(H) mm
Stage travel 400(W)×300(D)mm 400(W)×300(D)mm 300(W)×300(D)mm
Controller Personal computer with 22 inch LCD Monitor
Measurement software Thin film FP (Max 5 layers, 10 elements), Thin film Calibration curve method, Qualitative analysis
Data process Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word
Safety functions Interlocked chamber door
Power consumption Less than 300VA


  • Spectrum matching software (Material ID)
  • Bulk FP (Metallick component ratio)
  • Stage Operation Restriction
  • Wafer holder (FT150 / FT150h)
  • Touch panel monitor
  • Signal tower
  • Printer
  • * "Microsoft", "Excel" and "Word" are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

Application Note

Introducing measurement examples by film thickness measurement equipment.

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