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UV Irradiation Unit PDC-7

This is the optional product of the Differential Scanning Calorimeter which enables the detection of the photochemical reaction such as UV curing. Sample curing behavior can be detected real-time and be analyzed the wavelength and irradiation intensity dependence.


This photochemical reaction DSC system enables the acquisition of the high sensitive and low noise sample data even the thin film and the minute sample by High Sensitivity Differential Scanning Calorimeter. Extremely high irradiation intensity is achieved by the irradiating the ultraviolet or visible light the sample and the reference right above. Irradiation intensity can be variable by light intensity at the source and continuous variable ND filter. Wavelength selection can be done easily by interference filter change. Irradiation time can be set by 0.1 sec by the versatile shutter controller. Shutter open / close can be done automatically and manually by PC.

Irradiation Intensity difference

Wave length difference



Temperature Range Ambient to 150°C
Atmosphere Air, Inert gas
Lamp Hg/Xe
Wavelength range 240 to 550 nm
Wavelength selection Interference filter
Irradiation intensity Max. 500mW/cm2
Irradiation intensity adjustment 0 to 100%
Irradiation time 0.1 sec to 999.99 min


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