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Transmission Electron Microscope H-9500

The H-9500 is a 100-300 kV TEM with an LaB6 electron gun. This is a user-friendly workhorse for atomic-resolution TEM imaging and routine structural characterization. The excellent imaging capability also makes the H-9500 a platform for in-situ TEM. Various Hitachi in-situ heating TEM specimen holders* enable the imaging of dynamic structural changes at elevated temperatures. A special version for gas environmental in-situ TEM is available.

Optional accessory


User-friendly operation

Windows®-compatible GUI design.
High specimen throughput, requring 1 minute for specimen exchange and 5 minutes for voltage ramp-up (300 kV) and beam-on.

Stable high-resolution microscopy

Point-to-point resolution of 0.18 nm and lattice resolution of 0.1 nm.
A stable 5-axis eucentric goniometer stage.

Excellent performance reliability

Field-proven 10-stage accelerator gun design.
High-voltage resistor cable design.

Various optional accessories

Specimen holders compatible with Hitachi TEM, FIB, and STEM systems.
A variety of specimen holders that provide heating, cooling, and gas-injection capabilities for atomic-resolution dynamic studies.

Images on the FPD (flat panel display) are simulated.


Resolution 0.10 nm (lattice)
0.18 nm (point-to-point)
Accelerating voltage 300 kV, 200 kV*1, 100 kV*1
MagnificationZoom mode 1,000 - 1,500,000×
SA mode 4,000 - 500,000×
Low mag mode 200 - 500×
Erectron gunFilament LaB6 (DC heating)
Filament exchange Automated gun lift
High voltage cable Resistor cable
Illumination systemLens 4-stage lens system
Condenser aperture Click-stop 4-openings
Probe size Micro mode: 0.05 - 0.2 µm (4 steps)
Nano mode: 1 - 10 nm (4 steps)
Beam tilt ±3°
Imaging systemLens 5-stage lens system
Focusing Image wobbler
Astigmatism correction by stigmonitor
Optimum focus
Objective aperture Click-stop 4-openings
Selected area aperture Click-stop 4-openings
Erectron diffraction  Selected-area electron diffraction
Nano probe electron dilfraction
Convergent-beam electron diffraction
Camera length 250 - 3,000 mm
Specimen chamberSpecimen stage Eucentric 5-axis Hiper goniometer stage
Specimen size 3 mmΦ
Stage translation X/Y = ±1 mm, Z = ±0.3 mm
Motor drive by CPU control
Specimen position display Auto-drive, Auto-trace
Specimen tilt α = ±15°, β = ±15°
(Hitachi double tilt specimen holder*2)
Anti-contamination Cold block
Baking function Mild baking function
Viewing chamberFluorescent screen Main screen: 110 mmΦ
Focusing screen: 30 mmΦ
Optical viewer 7.5×
Camera chamberField selection Full/half exposure
Film 25 sheets (2 sets of film magazines)
GUI  OS: Windows XP®
Monitor 19 inch monitor
Functions Database, measurement, image processing
Digital CCD camera*3Camera coupling Lens coupling
Effective pixels 1,024 × 1,024 pixels
A/D resolution 12 bits
Vacuum systemElectron gun Ion pump: 60 L/s
Column TMP: 260 L/s
Viewing/camera chamber Diffusion pump: 280 L/s
Fore pump: 135 L/min. × 3 sets
Magnification is calibrated as an option
An optional item
This specification applies to an optional 1,024 × 1,024 pixel digital CCD-camera.

The above specifications are guaranteed at an accelerating voltage of 300 kV

Application Data

Materials Science

Si3N4 high resolution TEM image

Si3N4 high resolution TEM image
Accelerating voltage : 300 kV

TiO2 gas-injecting in situ TEM observation

TiO2 gas-injecting in situ TEM observation
Temperature : 380°C
Atmosphere : Air@6 Pa on specimen

Pt/Graphite carbon high resolution TEM image

Pt/Graphite carbon high resolution TEM image
Accelerating voltage : 100 kV


Si device high resolution TEM images

Si device high resolution TEM images


Hitachi TEM Application Data

Technical magazine

This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.


Photo collections of beauty of metals, minerals, organisms etc. reproduced by the electron microscope and finished more beautifully by computer graphic technology.

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