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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

  • 5G Antenna
    5G Antenna
  • Regional Node
    Regional Node
  • Submarine
    Cable Station
    Submarine Cable Station
  • Data Center
    Data Center
  • Submarine
    Submarine Repeater
  • Hyperscale
    Data Center
    Hyperscale Data Center
  • Office
  • Home Office
    Home Office
  • Home
  • TOSA


  • CFP4 Transceiver


    Micro iTLA

  • CFP4 Transceiver

    CFP2 Transceiver


    Micro iTLA

  • Server with Pluggable Transceiver


    Non-Hermetic ROSA

    Integrated TOSA

  • Package TEC Ceramic Submount Thermistor Monitor PD Others (Kovar Lid)


  • CPO Server PIC Optical Engine ELSFP Module PIC
  • Hermetic



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For more than 25 years Hitachi High-Tech, an opto-communication solutions provider, has served the fiber optic industry with long term, reliable, strategic materials partners.

Going forward, Hitachi High-Tech will not only offer a more complete one-stop service, but also provide engineering and test services to support our customers and the challenges that come with higher speeds, increased bandwidth, power consumption management, miniaturization and manufacturing scalability.

Hitachi High-Tech is committed to creating high value-added services for our global customer base by leveraging our personal connections, business relationships and expertise cultivated as a specialist trading company.


Alps Alpine, a leading manufacturer of electronic components and automotive infotainment systems, has brought the world numerous “First 1 ” and “Number 1” products since its founding in 1948.

The Alps Alpine Group currently operates 110 bases in 26 countries and regions, supplying roughly 40,000 different products and solutions to around 2,000 companies worldwide. Those offerings include devices such as switches, sensors, data communication modules, touch input panels, actuators and power inductors; electronic shifters, remote keyless entry systems and other automotive units; consumer electronics like car navigation and audio-visual systems; and systems and services such as digital keys based on smartphone app and blockchain technology, and remote monitoring.

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Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.

Our mission is to benefit society through the development of technologies that capture, measure, and generate various types of light. We are providing high speed InGaAs Photodiode etc through Hitachi High-Tech.

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Japan Fine Ceramics Co.,Ltd.

Japan Fine Ceramics Co., Ltd. (JFC) was established in 1984.

JFC fabricates circuits on substrates using Alumina, Black Alumina, Alumina Nitride(170/200/230W/m・k), Quartz and metallize Titanium, Platinum, Palladium, Copper, Nickel, Gold, and Chrom. Technology of side pattern metallization, VIA(Cu filled, Through hole, Castellation), step fabrication has high reliability.

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KELK Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer of temperature control equipment for use in semiconductor manufacturing and other applications.

The company also develops, manufactures and sells thermo-modules (Peltier elements) used for temperature control, including materials, modules, heat exchangers and application equipment. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Komatsu Ltd.

KELK’s Vision is “Be the world’s leading and most reliable supplier of precise thermal control systems based on thermoelectric modules with outstanding quality and innovative technology”

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NGK-ED provides products which gone through tough and extensive evaluation and qualification testing, in view of ceramic material/process, circuit and structure design, plus various simulation reviews. Simulation Technology is indispensable in Optical and High Speed packages, as well as other precision components. When designing a new package, we perform simulation analysis for electrical, stress and thermal characteristics by computerized system. The results are reviewed and compared with past accumulated database to draw optimum conditions. If not satisfied with customer's specification, further review repeats and finally draw up a proposal design to the customer.

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Ohizumi, a specialized manufacturer of Thermistors with a long history, provides high quality and long-life bare chip products all over the world.

Since 2004, Ohizumi have sold over 15 million pcs products and have zero complaints related to performance.

One of the features of Ohizumi products is that the change in resistance over time is extremely small.

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TOYO ELECTRONICS, we are proud of ourselves as World Wide Level Micro Assembly OEM based upon developed engineering capability through Optical Communication module / Semiconductor Laser module and Backend Process of Semiconductor. We have over 30years well experience in such engineering field.

We have owned clean room spaces, class 1K & class 100K in both Niigata/Japan for NPI pilot-run stage and AMATA City Chonburi in Thailand for mass volume production stage. And we offer to a customer only these spaces also capable skillful operators

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VLC Photonics S.L.

VLC Photonics is a photonic design and test house, assisting on the development of photonic integrated circuits for optical telecom/datacom, quantum, metrology, sensing/LIDAR and biophotonic applications. Our expertise covers the whole value chain, with services ranging from photonic engineering consultancy, to chip design, fabrication, characterization, packaging and test, all the way from R&D, prototyping, engineering and production. VLC Photonics closely works with +20 photonic foundries for several optical materials (InP, silicon photonics, PLC, SiN, etc.).

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Yamashita Materials Corporation

We “Yamashita Materials Corporation” specialize in manufacturing industrial Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) in Japan. We can produce FPC with various specifications, and have many delivery records mainly for optical communication field and medical equipment applications. In addition to manufacturing FPC, we also perform component mounting in-house. Based on our abundant experience, we offer the best proposal in terms of materials, construction methods, and structures by grasping the needs and problems that our customers have at the development stage.

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