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Remote Electron Microscope Event at Sapporo Science Center

Sapporo Science Center

On March 26th, a remote science lesson using the tabletop electron microscope was held at Sapporo Science Center with the theme of “Discovering the unknown world of everyday things”.

This lesson was held entirely online with PCs at the Science Center connecting remotely to an electron microscope located at Hitachi High-Tech head office in Tokyo.

The day of the event coincided with the first day of Spring break for Sapporo elementary schools, so a lot of children participated in the two sessions that we held and enjoyed observing samples such as sun sand and butterfly wings.

The participants showed great interest in the world revealed by the electron microscope, and the images displayed on the monitors were greeted with cheers and surprised voices. Participants who took control of the microscope remarked how amazing it was to control such a device remotely.

The event area at Sapporo Science Center
The event area at Sapporo Science Center

Hello from Hitachi High-Tech Head Office!
Hello from Hitachi High-Tech Head Office!