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The TM Series 3D visualization software Hitachi map 3D

The TM Series 3D visualization software Hitachi map 3D

Three-dimensional models allow height measurements

A 3-dimensional model can be generated without sample tilting and alignment, using 4-segment backscattered electron detector.


    Hitachi map 3D software overview

    Hitachi map 3D software overview


    Import function Automatic select and read function of four-elements image data
    Measurement performance Depth accuracy less than ±20% (reference) Measurement performance varies depending on calibration accuracy, the condition of the type of specimen, the observation mode and the observation condition
    Detectable angle range ±60° (reference)
    TM4000 ±50° (reference)
    Measurement function Section profile display extracted between any points on the three-dimensional image
    Distance of X and Y, length and angle measurements between two points, Surface area and Volume
    Distance of X,Y and Z, length and many other measurements between 2 points specified on section profile
    Simple profile roughness and surface roughness measurement
    Baseline offset (straight, curve), leveling and multiple offset
    Cutting surface, Color contour line, Bird's-eye view and pseudo color display
    Layout, Template and image composition from multiple images functions
    Three-dimensional display function Rotation, zoom-in and multiple rendering process Animation record function of observation screen
    Output function Report, Image: RDF, RTF, PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP, EMF
    Three-dimension image/movie: SUR, 3MF, STL, WRL, TXT, X3D/WMV, AVI

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    "SI NEWS"

    This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.


    Photo collections of beauty of metals, minerals, organisms etc. reproduced by the electron microscope and finished more beautifully by computer graphic technology.

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