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Tabletop Microscopes TM4000II / TM4000Plus II

Tabletop Microscopes TM4000II / TM4000Plus II

The Future of Tabletop Microscopes is Here!

The TM4000 Series features innovation and cutting-edge technologies which redefine the capabilities of a tabletop microscope. This new generation of the long-standing Hitachi tabletop microscopes (TM) integrates ease of use, optimized imaging, and high-image quality, while maintaining the compact design of the well-established Hitachi TM Series products. Experience the new dimension of tabletop microscopes with the Hitachi TM4000 II and TM4000Plus II.


    A quality image can be obtained with simple steps.

    Automation, Observation, and Elemental Analysis

    Easy to switch images with one-click.

    Rapid acquisition of elemental maps *2

    Sample : Movement of watch

    Secondary electron images and MIX images can only be observed in TM4000Plus II

    Intuitive operation on Camera Navi *

    Use of optical images helps navigate to target observation area easily.
    Obtained SEM images can be layered on a SEM MAP image.

    Sample: Movement of watch

    Option: Camera Navigation System

    Report Creator

    Simply select images and a template to create a customized reports.
    Created reports can be saved/edited in Microsoft Office® formats.

    Sample : Movement of watch
    The image on the screen includes options.

    Various imaging applications using 4-under low vacuum status.

    Charge-up reduction mode

    Charge on a sample can be reduced by one-click.

    Image a variety of materials under low vacuum condition

    The images show observations of non-conductive samples such as ink toner particles and a hydrated leaf surface.

    Sample: Paint ink
    Accelerating voltage: 5 kV
    Image signal: BSE
    Magnification: 2,500x

    Sample: Leaf of plant
    Accelerating voltage: 10 kV
    Image signal: SE
    Magnification: 100x

    Various imaging applications using 4-under low vacuum status.

    Innovative secondary-election detector to obtain surface detail with non-conductive samples at lower vacuum conditions

    The TM4000Plus II can observe not only conductive samples, but also non-conductive or hydrated samples without sample preparation. Switching between BSE and SE can be performed easily.

    High-sensitivity Low vacuum SE Detector (UVD)

    Hitachi's UVD generates secondary-electron images by detecting visible light excited by electron gas interactions.

    Accelerating voltage: 5 kV
    Image signal: SE
    Magnification: 800x

    Sample: Printed paper
    Accelerating voltage: 5 kV
    Image signal: BSE
    Magnification: 800x

    Advantages of 20 kV accelerating voltage

    High accelerating voltage enables higher-speed EDS analysis.

    EDS mapping data at 20 kV in 2 min

    Sample: Electronic components

    Multi Zigzag (Option)

    A function that takes multiple high-magnification images and stitches them together to create a single high-resolution image.

    Sample: Japanese ancient coin
    Accelerating voltage: 15 kV
    Image signal: SE
    Magnification: 30x
    Field of view 10 vertically × 12 horizontally
    (some parts were trimmed)

    STEM holder (Option)

    Easily obtain transmitted images on thin samples

    The newly developed STEM holder can be used to perform transmission images with the Hitachi UVD. Images of thin or biological samples can be obtained.

    * UVD is a function of TM4000Plus II.

    Sample : Abrasive
    Accelerating voltage : 20 kV
    Image signal : (a) STEM, (b) BSE
    Magnification : 10,000 x

    Sample : Rat kidney
    Accelerating voltage : 15 kV
    Image signal : STEM
    Magnification : 1,000 x

    Sample : Rat liver
    Accelerating voltage : 15 kV
    Image signal : STEM
    Magnification : 5,000 x


    Model nameTM4000Plus IITM4000 II
    Magnifications 10× - 100,000× (Photographic magnification)
    25× - 250,000× (monitor display magnification)
    Accelerating voltage 5 kV, 10 kV, 15 kV, 20 kV
    Image signal Backscattered electron
    Secondary electron
    Mix (Backscattered electron + Secondary electron)
    Backscattered electron
    Vacuum mode BSE: Conductor/Standard/Charge-up reduction
    SE: Standard/Charge-up reduction
    Mix: Standard/Charge-up reduction
    BSE: Standard/Charge-up reduction
    Sample stage traverse X: 40 mm, Y: 35 mm
    Maximum sample size 80 mm (diameter), 50 mm (thickness)
    Electron gun Pre-centered cartridge tungsten filament
    Signal detection system High-Sensitivity 4-segment BSE detector
    High-Sensitivity Low-Vacuum SE detector (UVD)
    High-Sensitivity 4-segment BSE detector
    Evacuation system
    (vacuum pump)
    Turbo molecular pump : 67 L/s×1 unit
    Diaphragm pump : 20 L/min×1 unit
    Size / weight Main unit (motorized stage): 330 (width)×614 (depth)×547 (height) mm, 54 kg
    Main unit (manual stage): 330(width)×617(depth)×547(height) mm, 54 kg
    Diaphragm pump: 144 (width)×270 (depth)×216 (height) mm, 5.5kg

    Technical magazine
    "SI NEWS"

    This journal addresses a wide range variety of research papers and useful application data using Hitachi science instruments.


    Photo collections of beauty of metals, minerals, organisms etc. reproduced by the electron microscope and finished more beautifully by computer graphic technology.

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