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TM3030Plus Tabletop Microscope and S-3700N Scanning Electron Microscope broadcast on a weekend popular Japanese TV Program!

The Crystal Skull usually attributed to the Mayan civilizations had been checked as Smithsonian Institution did so in May 2008 and TM3030Plus has been featured as the instrument to guide the Micro-World.

Hitachi TM3030 Tabletop Microscope utilized at HAMAGIN SPACE SCIENCE CENTER.

TM3030 Tabletop Microscope recently introduced to HAMAGIN SPACE SCIENCE CENTER, Yokohama, for the special exhibition "Seeing Closer - Wonders of the Microscope held from Dec 23, 2015 to Jan 11, 2016 for visitors to observe well-known samples at different magnifications. Not only kids but adults were really amazed and excited by the micro world.

The exhibition consisted of illustrated panels, booths where visitors viewed the same specimen at different magnifications under various microscopes such as magnifier and binocular stereo microscope, interactive exhibits which enabled people to observe things they brought at a magnification of up to 60,000 times, and talk events.
Visitors enjoyed the experience of getting closer to the electron microscope that can hardly be seen in everyday life.
Both adults and children were amazed and excited by the micro world where images revealed through electron microscopy made everyday objects seem otherworldly. Our video report captures the excitement and ambience of the whole event.

Warmly welcomed by Yasunori Matogawa, director of HAMAGIN SPACE SCIENCE CENTER (center) and Gouzou Aoyama, deputy director (left), Masao Hisada, Chairman of the Board at Hitachi High-Tech Corporation (right), visited the exposition, showing curiosity and eagerness to learn like a child in front of the image display of TM3030.


In loaning out its tabletop microscopes and organizing educational events, Hitachi High-Tech Corporation is committed to helping boost people's interest in observing various objects and nurture scientific curiosity.