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Tabletop MicroscopeHitachi High-Technologies GLOBAL

Full featured

  • Icons arranged in order of procedural flow make operation easy
  • Spectrum-fitting functionality allows easy observation of superposition of elements
  • TruMap feature allows elements with overlapping peaks to be properly separated and displayed (AZtecOne)

Sample configuration in combination with a TM3030 series instrument
*Screen shows simulated image


Easy-to-understand visual operating environment

Simple operation menu

Example of mapping analysis
In addition to standard spectrum acquisition, the system allows spectra for user-specified regions to be reconstructed from mapping data. The selected region may be a point, a rectangle, an ellipse, or a region bounded by a user-drawn freehand curve.

Spectrum-fitting functionality
Spectrum-fitting functionality facilitates qualitative analysis. This feature is particularly useful for cases in which peaks overlap.

TruMap functionality allows high-precision, high-reliability visualization of X-ray distributions (AZtecOne)
The TruMap feature allows spectra with overlapping peaks to be separated and visually mapped in real time. In the example shown here, we obtain elemental mapping images of Mg-K and As-L—whose peaks lie atop one another in typical maps — with no image contamination due to overlapping peaks.


System AZtecOne AZtecOneGO
Detector type Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Detection area 30 mm2 10 mm2
Energy resolution 158 eV(Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 137 eV with MnKα)
151 eV(Cu-Kα)
(equivalent to 129 eV with MnKα)
Detection element B5~U92
Qualitative analysis Auto ID and manual ID
Quantitative analysis Standardless quantitative analysis
Point & ID(Beam control)
Standard Map / Line scan
TruMap / TruLine

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