What is
Rehabilitation AI

Rehabilitation AI

Would you like Awina to join your rehabilitation conference?

Awina provides statistical information about similar cases, estimated discharge date and ADL.

※1 Day-to-day activities such as getting up, eating, walking, going to bathroom or taking a bath.

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What is the merit of Rehabilitation AI Awina?

For Patients


Stablization of treatment plan
Increasing Motivation
Supporting discharging plan

For Families


Enabling to plan the life
by knowing the estimated discharge date

For Medical Staff


Leveraging over 10 years of data

Enpowering your conferences


We researched and developed rehabilitation AI system leveraging over 10 years of electric medical chart data and our original AI technologies.

Service Overview of Rehabilitation AI awiwa leveraging Modern ML-based AI [Rehabilitation Hospital: Patient's information (disease name, disorder name) and ADL information on an anonymous basis] → [Datacenter: Electric Medical Chart Datapool for Machine Learning *It does not include personal information.] →[Rehabilitation AI: Provides statistical information and top 3 of recommended treatment plan] → [Rehabilitation Hospital]