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Features and Applications of High Sensitivity Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) DSC7000X


DSC7000X achieves unbeatable DSC sensitivity and repeatability with a superior new sensor and furnace. Hitachi High-Tech Science supplies the state of the art DSC for real experts.
DSC7000X improves the reliability of data due to the superior sensitivity and repeatability with enhanced expandability. DSC7000X is ideal for a variety of applications including small samples, real-time sample observation and photochemical reactions as well as general DSC measurements. DSC7000X meets the requirements from material development to product quality control.

New Technology in DSC7000X

New Sensor

In this newly designed sensor multiple thermocouples guarantee high sensitivity, while the centric heat-flow method provides uniform and stable heat flow to sample and reference and therefore extremely stable baselines.

New Furnace

The structure of the new furnace was optimized by advanced computer modeling. The low heat capacity, three layer furnace insulation minimizes the influence of external conditions and therefore avoids baseline fluctuations and decreases the signal to noise ratio. Dramatically improved cooling capability enables accurate temperature control down to the low temperatures. Auto LN2 Gas Cooling Unit and Electrical Cooling Unit can be easily exchanged by users.


Features of DSC7000X

(1) High sensitivity, excellent baseline stability and repeatability

The key features of DSC7000X, world leading highest sensitivity and the excellent baseline are achieved by the newly developed sensor and furnace.

High Sensitivity


Excellent Baseline Stability and Repeatability


(2) Improved temperature control performance

Temperature range is expanded of the Electrical Cooling Unit and the linear cooling rates is dramatically improved using the heat conduction characteristic of the heat pass materials powered by the advanced computer modeling.

Electrical Cooling Unit @Temperature control performance


Auto LN2 Gas Cooling Unit @Temperature control performance


(3) Easy-to-use Cooling Unit

Both Auto LN2 Gas Cooling Unit and Electrical Cooling Unit can be connected which eliminate troublesome exchanges completely.


(4) System Extensibility

Variety of applications is supported by the different cooling systems, the gas control unit, the auto sampler unit, the photochemical reaction measurements, and the real-time sample observation measurements.

  • Electrical Cooling Unit (-80 to 500℃)
  • Auto LN2 Gas Cooling Unit (-150 to 725℃)
  • Auto Air Cooling Unit (R.T. to 725℃)
  • Auto Sampler Unit (Max. 50 samples)
  • Mass Flow control Unit (1 channel)
  • Mass Flow control Unit (2 channel)
  • Gas Control Unit (2 channel)
  • Photo Chemical Reaction Unit
  • Real-Time Observation Unit

High Sensitivity Measurement Examples

(1) Small amount of Polystyrene

The following chart shows the DSC curve of the glass transition of the thin 0.1mg Polystyrene. DSC7000X enables the observation of the tiny phenomena clearly which has been difficult by the conventional technologies.


(2) Small amount of Carbamazepine

The analysis of pharmaceutical agent requires the measurement with the smallest amount of sample. DSC7000X clearly observes the transition peak of the 0.03mg Carbamazepine.


(3) Lysozyme dilute aqueous solution

In case of the small reaction of the samples such as protein and food, a special DSC is required. DSC7000X enables the observation, using normal measurement, of heat denaturation peak of Lysozyme dilute aqueous solution.


(4) Lithium-ion battery separator

This chart shows the measurement result of the ultra thin 18µm separator (1mm sq.) used in Lithium-ion battery for short-circuit protection. Melting peak of the 10µg small amount separator sample can be observed by DSC7000X.


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