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Power Cycle Test Equipment

  1. This is an equipment that performs reliability assessment of samples by making the IGBT / IPM (Intelligent power transistor) / DIODE use the prescribed amount of electricity, and then performing intermittent energization at a predetermined time.
  2. Thermal resistance measurement can also be performed at the same time. The data is sent to the host PC.
  3. Combines IPM and DIODE testing.

Main specifications of the equipment

Power On mode Continuous-intermittent (thermal resistance can be measured)
Power source during power onConstant current ~800A max
Open circuit voltage 16V
Vce settings ~10.0V (VGE is automatically-controlled during IGBT)
Time settingsPower On time 0.5~600.0sec.
Stop time 1~3600sec.
Count settingNumber of cycles (Common operation mode) 999999 times
Number of intermittent operations (with counter) 9999999 times
Operating mode
  1. Constant power (only for IGBT)
  3. VF (only for Di)
Temperature adjustment Forced-air-cooled type heat sink

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