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Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SU5000

Schottky Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope SU5000

Innovative analytical FE-SEM allows for a simple transition between high vacuum and variable pressure mode. EM Wizard is a knowledge-based system for SEM imaging that goes beyond basic preset conditions and recipes. Its ease of use opens a new gateway for material research, development, and area beyond our imagination.


The SU5000 FE-SEM has forever changed SEM operations. Ground-breaking computer-assisted technology from Hitachi, referred to as the EM Wizard, offers a new level of SEM operation and control. Expert or novice, the result is now the same: Highest quality nano-scale images at everyone's fingertips!

Watch this 6-min video and see how the SU5000 and
EM Wizard work together!

em-su5000 01


  • A novel, revolutionary user interface, EM Wizard, provides all users with optimum levels of resolution, repeatability, and throughput. With EM Wizard, beginners become experts overnight.
  • Automatic axis adjustment technology (auto-calibration) restores the microscope to its "best condition" on demand.
  • A robust "draw-out" specimen chamber accommodates large specimens (-200 mmφ, -80 mmH).
  • Rapid sample exchange with evacuation to observation in 3 minutes or less.
  • Automated, intuitive on-demand image optimization on the fly.
  • A visual and interactive guide offers 'pick and choose' SEM modes to ensure best operating conditions.
  • With the 3D MultiFinder tool, samples are easily tilted and rotated with the image remaining centered and in focus.
3D multi finder sum
With 3D MultiFinder, the sample can be rotated and tilted,
and the image and field of view remain centered and in focus.
selection E
The interactive guide enables a 'pick and choose' imaging mode.
EM Wizard optimizes the image for you.

Application data

Life Sciences

Frontal Cortex of Rat

2 kV BSE image (thin section)
2 kV BSE image (thin section)

Specimen courtesy of Professor Kubota, NIPS, Japan

Rat Dorsal Root Ganglion Neuron

5 kV SE image
5 kV SE image

Specimen courtesy of
Dr. Ushiki and Dr. Koga(*), Niigata University

*: Asahikawa Medical University

Materials Science

Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube Outer Structure

Acquired at 500 V of landing energy, Mag=200kX .
Acquired at 500 V of landing energy, Mag=200kX .

Neodymium Magnet

2 kV, BSE images
2 kV, BSE images

Multiple angle information from a newly developed annular Backscatter Electron Detector (BSD) acquires both topographic and compositional information simultaneously.

Specimen courtesy of Daido Steel.

In-situ Imaging and the Use of a Heating Stage in the Specimen Chamber


Specimen: Gold thin film on quartz substrate
HV=10 kV

Specimen courtesy of Dr. Yoshino and Dr. Terano, Tokyo institute of technology

3D analysis ; Lithium Ion Battery Material

FOV : 350 µm × 90 µm

3D re-constructed image of active material (orange) and PvdF (blue) distribution.


Images of Atomic Step and Threading Dislocation of n-GaN on Si

HV=15 kV, BSE images

Specimen courtesy of Professor Egawa,
Research Center for Nano-Device and System
Nagoya Institute of technology, Japan

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