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Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope SU7000

Ultra-High-Resolution Schottky Scanning Electron Microscope SU7000

SU7000: The Next-Generation FE-SEM

The modern FE-SEM requires not only high performance but also a multitude of functionalities including wide-area observation, in-situ analysis, variable pressure, high-resolution imaging at low accelerating voltages, and simultaneous multi-signal collection.
The SU7000 is designed to address these aspects and more by delivering enhanced information for diversified needs in the field of electron microscopy.
Experience the nano-world with the SU7000!

* Images on monitors are inset.

* The device photograph shows configuration with optional items.


Key Concept

1.Versatile Imaging Capability

The SU7000 excels in fast acquisition of multiple signals to address expansive SEM needs, from imaging a wide field of view to visualizing sub-nanometer structures and everything in between.
The incorporation of newly designed electron optics and detection systems allows for efficient simultaneous acquisition of multiple secondary electron and back-scattered electron signals.

2.Multi-Channel Imaging

The number of the detectors mounted on the SEM is ever increasing, along with the need to display all collected information effectively.
The SU7000 is capable of processing, displaying, and saving up to 6 signals simultaneously to maximize information acquisition.

3.Wide Variety of Observation Techniques

The specimen chamber and the vacuum system are optimized for:

  • Large specimen size
  • Sample manipulation at various axes
  • Variable pressure conditions
  • Cryogenic conditions
  • Heating and cooling in-situ observation


The electron gun is equipped with a Schottky emitter that provides up to 200 nA beam current to accommodate various microanalysis applications.
The specimen chamber and port layout are designed to incorporate multiple analytical options including EDX, WDX, EBSD, cathodoluminescence, and more.
The SU7000 with the combination of numerous analytical accessories unifies multi-discipline techniques in a single platform.

Imaging Performance

Enhanced Information Acquisition

The advanced detection system of the SU7000 streamlines acquisition of structural, topographical, compositional, crystallographic, and other types of information by minimizing changes to microscope conditions, such as working distance or accelerating voltage.


Single-Scan Multi-Signal Imaging

Specimen: Organic-coated gold rods

Specimen courtesy of: Mr. Smart and Ms. Je Chemistry Dept.,
Vassar College


Simultaneous image acquisition for surface micro-structural information (UD), surface coating (MD), and overall topographic information (LD). Acceleration voltage: 1 kV

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Enhanced Signal Display

  • Customizable display modes.
  • Single and Dual-monitor configurations.
  • Simultaneous image display up to 4-ch (single) and 6-ch (dual).
  • Chamber Scope and SEM MAP for optical stage navigation.

Highly Flexible Screen Layout

The software is capable of display 1, 2, or 4 signals including the chamber scope or SEM MAP on a single monitor.
Additionally, the operation panel can be customized to display submenus anywhere on the screen.


Dual Monitor

The first monitor can be used as a dedicated image display while the second monitor is utilized for operation.
Five detector images (UD, LD, UVD, MD, and PD-BSED) and SEM MAP of non-metallic inclusions in a steel specimen are displayed (left).
The screen shows the operation panel menu and the thumbnail image window on one screen (right).
The dual-monitor configuration supports increased productivity with expanded workspace.


Expandable Observation and Analysis

Large specimen chamber and large stage

The specimen chamber can accommodate a φ 200 mm specimen and 18 accessory ports. The large stage travels 135 mm (X) x 100 mm (Y) and can accept up to 2 kg of specimen.(*) Large specimen or variable type of sub-stages can be easily mounted on the front-opening large stage door.

external view of the specimen chamber featuring 18 accessories ports
external view of the stage. XY movable range: 135×100 mm

(*) at 0° tilt

Camera Navigation(*)

Left: Picture of the sample captured by the camera equipped inside the chamber.
Right: Camera image transferred to the SEM MAP screen for navigation.

The camera navigation feature correlates an optical image to the target observation area.
The camera installed in the specimen chamber captures the specimen image at the time of specimen introduction. The image is transferred to the SEM MAP screen for a graphically driven navigation interface.
Camera navigation supports a maximum of φ 100 mm specimen.

(*) Camera navigation function is optional

Detection System Enabling Dynamic Observation

The SU7000 supports observation under various environmental conditions. A variety of detectors (*) such as UVD and MD are selectable in addition to the PD-BSED for observation under low-vacuum conditions.


Detector Selection Under Low-Vacuum Conditions

Specimen: Fiber with metallic oxide
Left: MD (Backscattered electron) image
Right: UVD (SE image)
The oxide dispersion and fiber layering state are observed respectively.


Improved PD-BSED Response Speed

Left: Traditional PD-BSED response at the scan rate of 30 ms x 64 frames
Right: SU7000 PD-BSED image demonstrating improved response and image quality to expand in-situ observation capability


Image Resolution Resolution SE 0.8 nm@15 kV
0.9 nm@1 kV
Magnification 20~2,000,000 x
Electron Optics Emitter ZrO/W Schottky Emitter
Accelerating Voltage 0.1~30 kV (0.01 kV step)
Probe Current Max. 200 nA
Detectors Standard Detectors UD(Upper Detector)
MD(Middle Detector)
LD(Lower Detector)
Optional Detectors PD-BSED(Semiconductor type)
UVD (Ultra Variable Pressure Detector)
Variable Pressure(VP) Mode (Option) Pressure Range 5~300 Pa
Available Detectors in VP mode PD-BSED, UVD, UD, MD,LD
Specimen Stage Stage Control 5-axis Motor Drive
Movable Range X 0~135 mm
Y 0~100 mm
Z 1.5~40 mm
T -5~70°
R 360°
Specimen Chamber Specimen Size Max. φ200 mm, Max. 67 mm Height
Monitor(Option) 23 inch LCD(1,920×1,080) , supports dual monitors operation
Image Display Mode Large Screen Display Mode 1,280×960 pixels
Single Image Display Mode 800×600 pixels
Dual Image Display Mode 800×600 pixels、1,280×960 pixels with dual monitors
Quad Image Display Mode 640×480 pixels
Hex Image Display Mode w/dual monitors 640×480 pixels with dual monitors
Image Data Saving Pixel Size 640×480、1,280×960、2,560×1,920、5,120×3,840、10,240×7,680
Optional Accessories Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (EDX)
Wavelength Dispersive X-ray Spectrometer (WDX)
Electron Backscattered Diffraction Detector (EBSD)
Cathodoluminescence System (CL)
Cryogenic Transfer System
Compatible with various types of sub-stages

Installation Diagram (mm)


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