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Conductor Etch System M-8000 Series

M-8000 Series

Conductor Etch System M-8000 Series is utilized for hard mask and silicon etching for 32nm and beyond.
Hitachi High-Tech developed new process flows, such as double patterning and new material etch processes such as high-k dielectric/metal gate through JDP (Joint Development Program) with device makers and material / tool suppliers.
Hitachi High-Tech's etch system provides superior profile controllability and CD uniformity within wafer with a new microwave ECR (Electron Cyclotron Resonance) plasma etching chamber, high speed wafer temperature control, and high vacuum exhaust control technology.
Hitachi High-Tech's AEC (Advanced Equipment Control) / APC (Advanced Process Control) technology with original data collection, analysis and control systems provide excellent productivity and reliability.


Applicable wafer diameter 300mm
System configuration 4 chambers (max.)

* These photographs are partially different from actual systems.