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Advanced CD Measurement SEM CG6300


CG6300 offers higher resolution, improved metrology repeatability and image quality.

The newly developed Advanced CD Measurement SEM CG6300 (HITACHI CD-SEM) will offer higher resolution with a fully renewed electron optical system along with improved metrology repeatability and image quality. The electron microscope column is able to select secondary electrons and backscattered electrons emitted from the material depending on the measurement target. In this way, CD-SEM: CG6300 is able to measure the bottom dimensions of deep trenches and holes in via-in-trench*1 BEOL process*2 as well as 3D NAND and DRAM.

*1 Via-in-trench: A structure whereby a hole is provided at the bottom of a trench in the BEOL process, creating a higher aspect ratio than conventional structures.

*2 BEOL process (Back End Of Line): The wiring formation processes within the front-end processes of semiconductor manufacturing.


  • High resolution enabling high precision measurement of 7 nm generation devices
  • Improved visibility of deep trench and contact holes dimensions as well as material contrast
  • High contrast imaging through selective performance enhancement of SE and BSE signals
  • Clear, noise-free images using multiple scanning methods including high-speed scanning
  • Wafer transport system featuring a newly designed high-speed stage


Wafer size Φ300 mm (SEMI standard V notched wafer)
Auto-loader 3 FOUP*3 -compatible random access
Power supply Single-phase AC200 V, 208 V, 230 V, 12 kVA (50/60 Hz)

*3 FOUP (Front-Opening Unified Pod): A standard front-opening cassette integrated transport and storage container used in semiconductor plants.


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