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Services (Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment)

Service / Mission Statement

The Semiconductor Equipment Division Service group offers of Superior Quality Service Support from installation to extended life.

From installation to production support and CIP continuing through to possible relocation, including decommissioning and re-installation, our expert Engineers are there for you.

  • Customer Service:
    We are committed to supplying to you, the customer, quality service to raise your success to the next level. This includes a very flexible high skilled group of Engineers that can respond to your Hitachi equipment needs, whether that will be for a few hours or a few years.
  • Tool Progression Service:
    We are committed to supplying to you, the customer, a total package of decommissioning, relocation, installation and refurbishment of any Hitachi Etcher anywhere and anytime.

Mission Statement

The Semiconductor Equipment Division Service group Mission is to offer superior Quality Service Support from installation to extended life.

"We will focus on our customers and their needs…"
Having remote service offices within or only minutes away from customer facilities allows us to keep current on the immediate concerns of our customers and the ability to address them in a short amount of time. We cover all types of support for our Etchers from a PM to a full 24 hour 365 day man on site support package.

"…and reach out and beyond to exceed their expectations…"
Proactively providing innovative solutions and support utilizing our international technical resource community.

"…We are Global."
Hitachi High-Tech, America, Inc.,based in Dallas, Texas,has been a presence in North America for almost four decades. An established innovator in the global market, we have the ability to support you where ever you may be.

Service Menu

Service Sustaining
Basic menu
  • Man on Site (with different options)
  • PM specific
  • Emergency down
  • Escalation support
  • Process support
    • Customer qualification
    • Process integration
  • PM packages with parts
  • After hours and weekend support
  • Specific tool improvement initiatives
  • Tool performance tracking with improvement suggestions
  • Tool fingerprinting
  • Fleet matching
  • OJT

Contact Information:

Bob Carson
Service Business Administrator Manager
Hitachi High-Tech America, Inc.

Tool Progression

Inspiring the Next is our philosophy at Hitachi and Tool Progression Services is just one more example of that philosophy in action by partnering with our customers to think of creative ways to reduce costs, reuse and upgrade equipment designing and utilizing creative solutions to progress your tools through any unique challenge you face.

Partnering with our customers to determine the best and most economical ways to improve particle and CD performance on our tool set, schedule decontamination, de-installations at one site, re-installations of tools at new sites, process conversions and complete supplier qualifications.

We provide our customer with customized Bill of Materials to upgrade their machines to meet the demanding performance criteria of new process nodes in our industry.

Contact us no matter what stage of the FAB lifecycle you are facing so we can progress together.

For more Information contact:

Bob Garlick
Tool Progression Services Manager
1375 North 28th Ave
Dallas, Texas 75261