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Micro-sampling System

This device is used for preparing the desired wafer part for analysis with STEM, TEM, etc. by extracting a micro sample with an ion beam in the vacuum chamber of an FIB system.


FIB micro-sampling unit and FIB micro-sampling method

An example of FIB micro-piller sampling

A micro-pillar sample including an analysis point is directly cut out of semiconductor device. Micro-samples are cut out or trimmed in various shape by varying the incident FIB-direction.

System configuration example


A new-developed semiconductor device evaluation system consists of FB2200 FIB system and HD-2700 200 kV STEM. The system performs from searching defective points to analyzing structure in sub-nano meter scale within several hours.

FIB-TEM(STEM) compatible specimen holder

Observation case

An example of DRAM observation

SEM image of a micro-pillar specimen on the needle stub

Bright field STEM image of a micro-pillar specimen