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Hitachi High-Tech in America

Hybrid FIB-SEM System NX2000

The ultimate TEM sample preparation tool

Cutting-edge devices for high-function nano-specimen evaluation and analysis, these tools offer functionality that only FIB-SEM hybrid technology can deliver.
Target structures are becoming more and more minutely detailed, increasing demand for TEM thin-film sample preparation systems that can prepare thinner, specimens free from artifacts.
Hitachi High-Tech has combined its established high-performance FIB and high-resolution SEM technology with attitude control and Triple Beam®*1 technology (optional) to produce the NX2000 series.


High-contrast real-time SEM process endpoint detection allows preparation of ultra-thin samples of 20 nm and below

Example of real-time SEM observation*2 during FIB processing
Sample: NAND flash memory
Acceleration voltage: 1 kV
FOV: 0.6 µm

Attitude control technology (optional micro-sampling®*3 system plus high-precision, high-speed sample micro-motion mechanism*) minimizes curtain effect and aids preparation of even-thickness thin-film samples

With attitude control

Normal processing

The (optional) Triple Beam®*1 system helps eliminate FIB-processing damage by reducing the level of operator skill required, as well as increasing throughput

EB: Electron Beam
FIB: Focused Ion Beam
Ar: Argon ion beam

The "Triple Beam®" FIB, Ar/Xe beam SEM hybrid device is protected by Hitachi patents (Patent Registration Nos. 4309711, 4365438, 4878135, 4995802 and others). "Triple-Beam®" is also a registered trademark of Hitachi High-Tech Science Corporation in Japan (Trademark Registration No. 5136729).
Real-time SEM observation functionality during FIB processing is protected by Hitachi patents (Patent Registration Nos. 3354846, 3544438, 3597761, 3897271 and others).
"Micro-sampling®" is also a registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. (Trademark Registration Nos.4399203 and 4401176).

This patent information is correct as of July 2014. Patent status is subject to change due to adjudication and other factors.


FIB column
Resolution 4 nm @ 30kV, 60 nm @ 2kV
Acceleration voltage 0.5 - 30 kV
Beam current 0.05 pA - 100 nA
FE-SEM column
Resolution 2.8 nm @ 5kV, 3.5 nm @ 1kV
Acceleration voltage 0.5 - 30 kV
Electron gun Cold field emission type
Standard detectors In-lens SE detector, chamber SE detector, back-scatter electron detector
Stages X: 0 - 205 mm
Y: 0 - 205 mm
Z: 0 - 10 mm
R: 0 - 360° infinite
T: -5 - 60°

Special accessories (Optional)

  • Ar/Xe ion beam system
  • Micro-sampling®*3 system
  • Software for link-up with defect inspection device
  • CAD navigation link-up software
  • EDS (energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry) analyzer
  • TEM sample polishing wizard
  • TEM sample thickness control software
  • Continuous A-TEM
  • Real-time image enhancement system
  • Swing processing function (for Triple Beam®*1)
  • Plasma cleaner
  • Airlock conveying mechanism
  • Cooling stage