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Hitachi High-Tech in America

Training Programs

Our training center is located in Dallas, Texas and utilizes three dedicated training etch systems and a staff of full-time, industry experienced, certified instructors. A Hitachi instructor can also provide customized training at your location based on individual customer on-site training needs. Our competency-based curriculum is continually updated to meet changing customer and industry advancements and requirements, and is developed utilizing SEMATECH guidelines.

Hitachi offers its customers numerous different training courses, ranging from basic operation and maintenance skills, to advanced troubleshooting of our Plasma Etch Systems.

Feel free to contact us with questions or to enroll.

1375N. 28th Ave.
P.O. Box 612208
DFW Airport, Texas 75261-2208
Tel. (972) 615-9035
Fax. (972) 615-9303

700 Series Course Description

M700 Series Training Programs

Level 1: Basic System Operation and Minor Preventive Maintenance

Introduction to the overall system layout, configuration, basic operation and performance of low level preventive maintenance tasks.

Upon completion the student will be able to identify the major assemblies and sub-assemblies of the system, perform low-level preventive maintenance procedures (including wet cleaning of the etch chamber) and program and operate the necessary software programs for running wafers. Also, the student will be able to recognize and explain the system's basic normal operation sequence and indications and perform diagnostics to verify proper operations.
Ideal Experience:
At least 3 months in industry, 1 month with the M700 Series Plasma Etcher.

Level 2: Advanced Preventive Maintenance and Expanded System Operation

Focus on performing scheduled preventive maintenance to the highest established level and an in-depth exposure to the system diagnostic checks.

Upon completion the student will be able to perform preventive maintenance using the proper procedures while working on a team. In addition, written and performance-based evaluations will be used to determine comprehension level of the system operation software.
Completion of Level 1 Training
Ideal Experience:
At least 6 months in industry, 2 additional months with the M700 Series Plasma Etcher.

Level 3: System Calibration and Troubleshooting

This level of training will provide the student with the necessary tools to perform system calibrations and alignments, including RF calibration and wafer transfer alignment. In addition, basic troubleshooting procedures specific to the M700 will be introduced.

Upon completion the student will be able to demonstrate, through performance, the proper procedures used to calibrate and align various sub-assemblies of the M700 system. Understanding of the overall operation of the system will be evaluated by a troubleshooting test. Defective components will be introduced into the M700, and the student will be required to identify the symptom, logically locate the problem, and repair or replace the defective component or condition.
Completion of Level 2 Training
Ideal experience:
At least 9 months in industry, 2 additional months with the M700 Series Plasma Etcher.

Training Center Location

Directions from DFW Airport:

  • From DFW Airport, take the North Airport Exit onto Hwy 121 North
  • Immediately after exiting the airport take Hwy. 114 East and exit on Freeport Pkwy
  • Turn left on Freeport Pkwy. to Royal Ln.
  • Turn left on Royal Ln. to E. 14th
  • Turn left on E. 14th and follow to N. 28th Ave.
  • Turn right on N. 28th Ave. and the Hitachi facility is on the left

Training Center Location