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Hitachi High-Tech GLOBAL

Basic Ideas and Visions

Corporate management in harmony with the global environment plays an important role in the sustainable development of society and companies. In addition to reducing resource and energy consumption as well as the environmental impact associated with business activities, the Hitachi High-Tech Group aims to achieve sustainable consumption and production through the provision of environmentally-conscious products and services as well as initiatives throughout the value chain.

Action Targets

1. Realize a low-carbon society

In order to reduce CO2 emissions arising from energy consumption associated with business activities, we will systematically make environmental investments that have a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions and promote the proactive use of renewable energy. In providing products and services, we will also work to contribute through our business, such as selling LiB* production equipment that will help reduce CO2 emissions.

  • * LiB: Lithium-ion Battery

Specific Actions

Draft and execute CO2 emissions reduction

  1. Environmental investments
  2. Use renewable energy
  3. Enhance electricity visualization monitoring function

2. Realize a recycling-oriented society

We will make efforts to effectively use water resources, conserve resources, and reduce waste in business activities. Specifically, we will work to reduce the amount of water used by using the equipment cooling water in our factories more efficiently. In addition, we will introduce environmentally conscious design (eco-design) for our products and work to reduce the resources used to manufacture our products, and thereby reduce the amount of waste generated and recycle resources.

Specific Actions

  1. Reduce water consumption by using equipment cooling water more efficiently
  2. Curb the volume of waste generated by using eco-design for our products

3. Realize a society in harmony with nature

We will endeavor to conserve and restore biodiversity, such as returning the green space on our premises to local native vegetation. In addition, we will investigate and examine new activity bases and work to expand the scope of coverage.

Specific Actions

Ecosystem conservation activities: Secure activity bases (forests, islands)

Action Plan

Details of Action Plan