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Two-way Dialogue with Employees

Basic Approach

Our employees are the main driving force for the respect for human rights throughout the value chain. At the same time, as people who are employed, they are also stakeholders whose human rights must be respected. Hitachi High-Tech has long considered employees to be partners on a path we are taking together, and we have placed importance on our relationship as one of mutual prosperity. With the globalization of business as our context, respect for the rights of workers is a matter of conformance with international norms while, at the same time, it also becomes increasingly necessary to adhere closely to the respective practices, cultures, and other such aspects involved. As we go forward, we will respect the fundamental rights of our employees and continue to strengthen the structures for mutual cooperation that we have created in order to build fair labor-management relations and to improve occupational health and safety.


Sound Labor-Management Relations

We are engaged in improvements to various policies and the working environment based on good-faith consultation and agreement between labor and management with a basic stance of labor-management cooperation. At the Central Management Council, which is convened twice yearly, we conduct discussions and exchange opinions on management issues, etc., for the purpose of facilitating communication between labor and management and contributing to the development of both. In addition, we also established Labor-Management Specialist Committee to address various topics and are holding labor-management consultations on various policies in order to achieve more flexible and efficient working styles. In countries and regions that recognize labor unions, such as Japan, labor agreements concluded between the company and the labor unions state that we recognize that unions have the right to organize, collectively bargain, and take industrial action.

Notification of Work-related Transfers and Reassignments

The collective agreement between Hitachi High-Tech and the Hitachi High-Tech Workers Union states that any transfer or reassignment of an employee for work-related reasons should adequately take into consideration the situation of the employee, as well as requiring the company to promptly inform the Union when a decision has been made. The agreement in particular provides that the company will consult with the Union regarding the basic issues involved in cases of large-scale transfers, reassignments, and other such actions.

Survey of Employee Attitudes

Each year, we conduct an attitude survey for employees (the Hitachi Insights). This survey periodically researches employees' opinions and attitudes with regard to employees' work and workplace environment etc. as part of our workplace communication initiative. It is one of the company's initiatives to revitalize personnel and workplaces, and increase engagement. Going forward, we will continue this survey, and continuously work toward the creation of a satisfying and energetic workplace.

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